Jul 22, 2016

Under the Unusual Weather.

Ugh.  Whatever strain of flu I've had this week is rapidly outstaying its welcome.

It was win though when I woke up this morning feeling 85% of normal.  Gave my skipping rope what for at the gym to celebrate.

I can't confirm this with my own skin or eyes but it has hit 26C in Sydney today.  I was so excited when I checked the weather last night that I whipped out this black shift dress by next to wear to work today.  So far I've spent the day covering its sleeveless-ness with black cardigan but I'll live on the edge as I walk back to the carpark this evening and walk without my cardigan.  With it being the hottest July day in Sydney in quite a while, I'm determined to at least get a touch of the heat on my arms today.

And to think it was all rain, clouds and bare trees over Randwick yesterday morning.

Weather games seem to be the story of this week because way back on Tuesday, we were out in the backyard on a picnic rug enjoying a very pleasant mid twenties maximum and some sun.

My rangpur lime tree has fruited beautifully and I used their juice in a salad dressing for lunches this week.  They're a cross between mandarins and limes.  Not sure if they are actually a hybrid of the two or if the cross describes the taste of their juice or both but whatever the case may be, they are a wonderful addition to Asian style salad dressings with their balance of sweetness and zest.

Heading home soon to pick up my little guy ahead of a weekend that promises to be full of unwise but fun and colourful breakfast food choices and preschooler adventures.  Fingers crossed I get a couple of sleep ins too.

Are you planning a recovery weekend or have the gods of good health been kind to you this week?


  1. Glad you're feeling a bit better, hope you fully recover this weekend :)

    I've been enjoying the unexpected heat in Brisbane too, a welcome change.

  2. Why i didnt check the weather forecast before arriving is beyond me! I was sah-weating walking around Sydney today.

    It was nice though.

  3. That jelly with sprinkles looks like a party in a cup! Sign me up. I can't believe it was 26 in the middle of winter - we hit 28 today and everyone's out sunbathing! Very funny. I'm intrigued by your citrus fruits, as a citrus lover I think I might have to investigate this new variety...


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