Jul 26, 2016

Winter is.....

Winter is...

The Ren coat from Jigsaw, skivvy - Uniqlo, black shift dress - Metallicus.

being given a big bear hug by  your new coat on the way in to work in the morning.

Weekends in winter are all about...

seeing the winter sun lit beauty of Circular Quay from the train station as those around you look down at their phones for Pokemon

walking out of the train station and onward to the water full of green and gold ferries cruising this way and that

waiting in line to walk into the igloo outside the MCA which houses an art installation inspired by swamp land

joining the crowd for this year's Aroma Festival at The Rocks

which celebrates our city's love of coffee, chocolate, live music and queues....

Being a Preschooler in The Rocks is....

trying to stay still and not touch anything as you wait for your special, not too hot hot chocolate

comparing your Italian gingerbread man with you best friend's

Italian gingerbread seems to be chewier and less buttery than other varieties.  It's very moreish.

Just some of the different shaped gingerbreads on offer at Casa Di Miele's stall at the Aroma Festival. 

getting up close to the cannon at Dawes Point to figure out how it really works

 before running with endless supplies of energy and laughter through the park

and back down to The Rocks

to take in some live music before heading home for more boring things like a bath, dinner and a very early bedtime.

Winter is all kinds of beautiful.


  1. Thank you. Beautiful post. Made my day.


  2. I love looking at Sydney through your posts! Eventually I will get to Australia to soak it all in!

    1. You just have to come visit!!!! It's a beautiful country.

      SSG xxx


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