Aug 31, 2016

Art in the Everyday #1.

Title: 'Butterfly'.  
Medium: paper, feathers, cotton wool and bedazzler embellishments.
Artist: Preschooler SSG.
Location: a wall of my office at work.

Title: 'So It's Not Spring Just Yet'
Background: I genuinely thought that Tuesday was the last day of winter and that today was the first of September.... 
Technicque: so I gave myself some extra time in the morning to wind my watches a day forward.... Technique revised: then I checked my computer at work and had to start winding them all back.

Title: 'Somewhere On the Healthy Food Continuum... Somewhere.'
Medium: cheese flavoured chemical compounds (powdered) on rice crackers (thin) wrapped in printed foil (noisy).
Accompanying works: a can of Coke Zero at 4pm towards the tail end of a crazy day.

Title: 'Mirage... Or Not?'
Subject: 100ml bottles of Nuxe's original Huile Prodigieuse on the shelf at Priceline during GWP time.  These bottles of HP are as rare as hen's teeth at Pricelines right now.  None available online, sold out at the most Pricelines in the city but finally found at Top Ryde.
Extension of work beyond the current piece: I bought two bottles ... plus a couple of tubes of half priced Maybelline mascara.


  1. Preschooler SSG is quite an artist! :) We just had our first "proper" artwork the other week, where toddler T could confidently say what it was and he didn't change his answer every 2 seconds. It's up on the fridge for the moment, makes me smile when I see it. It's a good idea to have it up at work too for those crazy moments! :)

  2. I got the Nuxe's original Huile Prodigieuse for my Birthday and I am hooked and how delicious does it smell!

  3. Love Preschooler SSG's art! Good job on securing 2 bottles of Nuxe. I have backup of backups of those stuff, thanks to PR bags. I wish they come up with a perfume in that scent then it's winner winner chicken dinner!

    ps. those rice crackers covered in cheese are inviting!



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