Aug 9, 2016

Body Scrubs. Chatswood. An Apology.

It was while I was at the supermarket earlier this week that I thought, I can do this.  Embrace an on point skin care trend, I mean.

Buddy Scrub - $15 at Woolworths and probably very effective in the right hands.

I've been seeing these dry body scrubs all over the beauty blogosphere and on those occasions I read a current issue Marie Claire (at the hair dresser or in the dentist's waiting room).  They're often packaged in foil, resealable pouches and have long, witty names as well as instruction panels.

The basic premise is this, though.  You're meant to hop into the shower, get wet and then open the packet with wet hands, tip some over your hands and hopefully from there onto your body and then scrub for your life before all the granules dissolve or wash off under the shower.  I've only now realised that it might help to step out from under the shower while scrubbing but whose got the time or constitution to do that when it's the middle of winter and the house is awfully quiet save for In the Night Garden non verbalising away on the DVD player.

Sad to say it, but dry scrubs don't work for me.  They're messy and not terribly effective the way I choose to use them.  I actually got better results from my handful of sugar and a handful of olive oil home remedy but that's a bit messy too with the glass bottle and the bathroom tiles thing going on as well.

So you can imagine my joy at finding this $9.99 on special old school body scrub in a tube by Garnier at good old Chemist Warehouse today.  I'll keep you posted.

It was day off Tuesday today which meant that a day trip was in order.  Today's took me back to my old stomping ground, Chatswood.

So much has changed since I last was there.  The train station and interchange has been fully renovated and now includes and arcade of shops plus a hawkers style selection of food outlets.  This is what I've always loved about Chatswood, the way it manages to be both so Asian and so North Shore European.   And everyone there just loves the combination and runs with it.

I was meeting a dear friend for lunch at Westfield which has undergone a major renovation.

So major that I needed to use three different centre maps to find where I was going to meet her.

I finally got there and here is where we met, Flower Child a newish cafe on the third floor of Westfield Chatswood behind Oxford which is next to Top Shop.  Or perhaps that was Calibre next to Top Shop.  Top Shop is definitely in there somewhere.

Flower Child serves both an all day breakfast, a brunch and a dinner menu.  The open kitchen occupies a store front next to a nail spa and the dining space is housed in a kind of iron framed gazebo.  It's pretty cosy, seating wise.

You can order takeaway coffees from the front of the dining area.

I ordered a dish that is unfortunately not on the online menu.  It featured  poached egg, mozzarella, asparagus, avocado, radish one more thing that I can't place.  It was delicious, a little different to what I normally order when eating out and just the perfect size for lunch.

We shared a bowl of house seasoned fries and hand a ginger beer each because we're wild like that.

Mains for lunch are very reasonably priced at between $16 - $23.

Service is friendly.

And it's just a little bit different from what you'd normally find at a Westfield.

No visit to Chatswood by me would be complete without a quick run down of the shopping.  All the big names are here like H&M and Top Shop.  Body suits are a thing again at both these stores so we didn't have much to say to each other.  Uniqlo was closed for stocktake!!!!  Closed.  I walked into Mecca Maxima in search of a new eyeshadow palette but quickly became too overwhelmed by the number of brands, the colourways, the finishes in each palette and what I could possibly do with them in 5 minutes in the morning anyway.

But I did find what I needed at Daiso.  A mirrored bobby pin holder for the top desk drawer at work.  The one that holds all manner of miracle workers when I'm cutting it fine from morning preschool drop off and peak hour traffic.

If you were in the market for a false eyelash holder, Daiso is your source with a holder to cater for any size of eyelash collection you may have.  I know my limits when it comes to successfully adopting the latest in Kardashian inpsired beauty trends, so I refrained from putting a holder into my basket for that 'just in case' I know is never going to happen.

And then it was time to head on home.

Clipping along past that bridge whose profile never gets old no matter how many times you pass it.

Before I go, I have a little apology to make to a lovely reader who stopped to chat with me at our favourite neighbourhood source of caffeine and baked goods.  It was so lovely to meet you and know that you're enjoying reading the blog.  I'm so sorry I was so absent minded that I forgot to introduce myself and that I had even less to say for myself than I sometimes do on the blog.

I was in phone negotiations .... with a new plumber.  It's all looking good, so far.  We're going to meet at a sensible hour later this week and he has furnished me with a very reasonable quote.  So, A, if you're ever in need of a plumber, I promise I'll pass on his details the next time we're both in line for coffee.


  1. your posts never fail to brighten my day.

  2. I am full of Daiso envy. We don't have it in Canberra and I love those arcane storage thingies they have.


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