Aug 1, 2016

Hello August, Goodbye July. The Price of Papaw.

And a big hello to you too, August.

Can you even believe we're making a start on the eighth month of the year already?  I'm at a stage in life where the days can be so very long yet the months and years seem to fly by with milestones being reached, stages and phases gone through and previously distant future things like starting school getting almost unbearably close.  Preschooler SSG is set to start school in 2018 and I wonder what it's going to be like dropping him off in the morning without his entourage of toys.  In a uniform and already having had breakfast.  Life's a bit cushy like that as a long day care mum....

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  2018 is still ages away.  So until then and beyond then, I'm going to try and take things one day at a time.  Or one month at a time max.

In the spirit of one day at a time, some pretty photos around which the rest of today's post shall be written.

This is how the last day of July looked for us.  We took a walk on Sunday afternoon up the road to our local park.

Some older children were having the time of their lives playing bubble soccer.  From what I can gather, you play the game whilst hot dogged (for want of a better term) in the middle of a transparent, inflated beach ball contraption.  It looked like so much fun and was a sight to behold as the balls bounced around and caught the light in the winter afternoon's sun.

Preschooler SSG was entranced and I couldn't get him to leave the park until every last piece of bubble soccer equipment was deflated, stomped flat and packed away.  He's been promised that when he's old enough, he'll definitely be allowed to play.  

He's already fascinated by soccer balls so I might have to look into whether classes are available in the local area for preschoolers.  Me, a soccer mum?  Never saw that coming....

Bare branched trees have so many faces through the winter.  They can look so stark and haunting under a grey sky, they can look on the verge of coming back to life when they're under the full sun and there's a swish of gentle wind running through them but when they're backlit in the afternoon light on a clear skied day?  They look as if they're anticipating summer as much as I am as their branches arch and reach out toward the sky and sun.

I had no idea that Lucas' Papaw Ointment has become the skin care world's equivalent of gold.  I remember a time, not too long ago, when a tub like this would have only set me back $9.  Its street value in 2016?  $12.

Theories abound about why my previously cheap as chips beauty miracle worker is now so expensive (a similarly sized tube of Vaseline costs around $4).  Apparently a beauty blogger of influence in China is rather keen on it which might explain some of the price rise.  I can't complain too bitterly though because felly Papaw fans in New Zealand pay around $45 for a tub and in the US, I hear it's the equivalent of $40.

Have you heard any other theories behind why Lucas' Papaw value continues to rise beyond the rate of inflation?  I know it's probably just a simple case of demand exceeding supply but any interesting hypotheses you've heard or seen on the interwebs would be greatly appreciated.  I don't even think there's that much papaw in the formula either.  So it can't be the rising price of papaw....

What's the craziest price (high or low) that you've seen it sold for?


  1. I haven't heard of pawpaw cream. Is it really a miracle cream? If so that would explain it. You almost, almost, make me wish for winter here. Summers being erratic for us.

  2. I remember it being $3.99 a tube in Priceline a few years back but have noticed the steady increase in price along with popularity. I did hear about the demand increase from the Chinese market and I wonder if that's influencing it.

  3. As a soccer mum for the past 10 years, absolutely love it that junior SSG is enthralled by soccer. Whilst our first born couldn't give a toss about sport despite us being told to get her into little Athletics as she was a fast runner, I knew that I had to get our second whilst still at preschool into a sports program. Soccer & sports Kickstart was the best thing I ever joined. Great program & best instructors by far. He loved it & thrived but I should say if it involves running and a ball, he's in.
    Friends with boys in their late teens, keep telling me that sport ( doesn't matter what type) is fantastic for boys as it keeps them off the streets, occupied & fit and healthy.
    My sister got my preschooler nephew into a kickstart clinic at Rushcutters Bay & he loved it. Highly recommend it & happy to provide more details if needed. Den xx ( ps got nothing on pawpaw ointment , sorry)

  4. I had no idea the Lucas Paw Paw ointment had gone up? I remember using it about 8 years ago, but then I went off it. I got a few creams containing paw paw at the Bloggers United event in Adelaide, it's a great ingredient :)

  5. Spill woman, where did you get the tub? I'm coming home soon for a visit and it's way up there on the shopping list.

  6. I never heard of Papaw Ointment....then again I never really looked. I usually stuck with Neutrogena, but this Papaw Ointment must be good if the price has gone that high.
    Enjoy your moments with Preschool SSG. My daughter was in day care all the way to Pre K (her daycare had a State funded program for Pre K, so she go to stay another year with some of her friends. I took the day off for her first of day of kindergarten and was a total mess!
    I'm sure there are soccer programs for his age group, so look into it. He will have fun and get exercise while doing so (and plenty worn out too!) and you will enjoy cheering him on.


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