Aug 2, 2016

Liveable Sydney 2016. Door Mirrors.

It's a bit grey and miserable in Sydney today.  Probably to make up for all that sun we got on the weekend and the sun I hope we'll be getting this coming one too.

But a day off is a day off so I hit the road early this morning to be at one with my fellow Sydney peak hour commuters.  At least with so many of us on the road, it was relatively easy for me to keep to the speed limit, including the super slow school zone ones.  I'm in the demerit point danger zone right now so I take to the road like a L plater and observe the speed limits with a level of precision that makes everyone else behind me switch lanes to overtake / avoid me.  It was all worth it in the end because I'm pretty sure I got through all three school zones I drove past without setting off the fluorescent flash of their speed cameras.

In more uplifting news, I'm back in the pool after several weeks off with a dodgy group of left shoulder muscles!  If I can remain injury free for the rest of the year, I reckon I'll be all trained up for a summer at the beach and maybe even poolside somewhere in Singapore with the extended family.  I've heard great things about the serviced apartments some of the hotels there have on their properties and I think they'd make the perfect base for a holiday involving a gaggle of young boys with their parents and grandparents.

There's a bit of a building frenzy going on in my old neighbourhood.  Fancy new apartment blocks are under construction on both sides of the main road and I imagine that within the year, all traces of the place I knew so well will be removed to make way for the new and more liveable.

Speaking of liveable Sydney, have you been following the comments section of the recent articles presenting the results of Domain's Liveable Sydney 2016 study?  It's an understatement to say that Sydney is just a little property and real estate obsessed and top of the pops lists like the one produced by this study have brought out all kinds of comments from people across the city.  In general, most people are pretty happy where they are, thank you very much.  Which is what you'd hope in a city as big as ours that's filled with people from so many walks of life who are all proud and happy to call Sydney home.  It was interesting to read the criteria for 'liveablity' were derived and assessed and the research team's discussion about their findings will hopefully inform the government and local councils about areas where individual suburbs could be improved.

After months of procrastination, I finally got around to putting a mirror inside my wardrobe door.  Let the full length  #whatiwore selfies begin!  On a more serious note, it's been a bit annoying getting dressed with only a small vanity mirror to rescue me from yet another work wear fashion crime.  This mirror ($39 from Big W, sorry no link because I couldn't find it on their website but it's available in white only) is going to make staying work appropriate a relative breeze.  The mirror is framed in white and 110 cm long.  It comes with adhesive tape already in place.  It's quite a heavy mirror though which is why I chose the most oddly positioned wardrobe door in my room to attach it too.  The door has a full length join to the wall so fingers crossed the mirror won't cause the door to sag or fall off.

Theoretically, Kmart have this over the door mirror in store only for $25 but it appeared to be sold out at the store I visited (despite the online stock widget saying otherwise).  If my full length outfit selfies get a bit more exciting sometime and the mirror returns to the floor at Kmart, I might just get one of these mirrors too.  There's the perfect gap at the top of the bathroom door to accommodate it.

What Kmart did have plenty of stock of was this $49 electric pasta maker.  I've now got one and it's all because of mum.  We're both trying to encourage Preschooler SSG to eat any other noodle besides his beloved instant Mi Goreng so we're going to try and make our own to freeze for him.  Using a pasta maker.  My job was to get the machine and mum's is to bring a good recipe with her when she flies in for my nephew's official first birthday party in a couple of weeks' time.  Of course I'll keep you posted on how we go making noodles!

If you're a Sydney sider or know the area well, did you get much out of  the Liveable Sydney 2016 study?

Ever been in the demerit point danger zone?  How were your nerves and blood pressure at the time?

Have you made your own noodles before?  Any reliable recipes for a noodle that tastes like instant but better?


  1. SSG! Demerit point danger zone? Well I never! :D

  2. That livability index is very interesting! I had a good old time poking around where my family live/used to live, where I'd live if I could... Do you agree with the results? The real estate market in Sydney seems to be a rapidly evolving hydra, it'll be intriguing to see where it goes.

    I'm a big fan of a good kitchen gadget so I'd be interested to know how you get along with the pasta maker. I've wanted a pasta maker for ages, along with a sausage maker, waffle maker, basically the entire contents of the Lakeland catalogue. Bit impractical when you're a renter!

  3. Oh I like that mirror! I could do with a nice current mirrored wardrobe doors show the entirety of the messy bedroom when I take a pic, haha!


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