Aug 28, 2016

Lovin' Life 28/8/2016: Book Week. Other Things Related to Food.

Even Harry Potter needs to use the lift every once in a while.

And even Harry Potter's wand can't make those lifts come any faster.

It was Preschooler SSG's first Book Week this year.  Celebrations at his preschool were spread over the whole week to accomodate the fact that most of the children don't attend all five days of the working week.  Instead of the parade primary schools put on, a few preschoolers presented briefly each day about their favourite book while dressed in a costume. There was a Nemo, an Elsa, a tiger who came to tea, a dinosaur and many others.

Preschooler SSG's favourite book was actually a new favourite from the library.  It's about a crab who taps away in the ocean while counting things.  Apparently, it was well received by his classmates.  The trials of a crab in the ocean as told by a three year old dressed as Harry Potter.  Don't worry, there really wasn't any clever unifying theory or obscure literary detail linking the two.  It was just the will of a three year old and the luck of the draw for his mother when she went costume shopping.  We  might have to get our visions a tad more unified for Book Week 2017.

It was a big day in the pool for my little wizard.  He got his first swimming ribbon for going underwater for a full five seconds.

We celebrated with a little trip to chocolate frog and freckle central aka Haigh's...

I promised one milk chocolate frog for the swimming ribbon but we somehow managed to come home with a bag of them plus 4 chocolate button samples from our friendly sales assistant at the register.

Speaking of chocolate, I believe the battle for best tasting dark chocolate with sea salt has  been settled.  In Aldi's favour rather than Lindt's.  Aldi's Moser Roth version tastes like a grown up salted caramel.  You get the saltiness but not the jaw aching sugar rush that accompanies the salted caramel filled chocolate that's currently on the market.  The Aldi chocolate is incredibly addictive but fortunately comes in individually wrapped bars.

It was jaffles for dinner at our place tonight.  In a controversial move, I made mine without cheese or processed meat.  Both rounds!  I had some leftover chicken and vegetables that worked really well with a dash of sriracha.

Are you a dark chocolate with sea salt fan?  Which is your favourite?


  1. I had whitakers artisan sea salt caramel choc that mike bought from New Zealand . Was Delish and stopped me killing ppl during an epic bout of pms

  2. Jaffles!!
    Thanks for the tip on the dark chocolate. Miss Teen enjoys her dark chocolate so I'll be making a trip to Aldi now :)
    Happy Book Week!

  3. Mmm, chocolate!!! :)
    Great to see book week mentioned too!!

  4. Oh I didn't know there was a Haigh's in Sydney! It's a required stop in Melbourne for goodies for the trip home, and gifts for family! :) Toddler T hasn't done anything for book week yet as he's a little young, but maybe next year :)

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