Aug 7, 2016

Lovin' Life 7/8/2016: British Corner Shop, Caramelised Onions and Other Things.

It's like by the time I get to Sunday, all I really want to write about is food.  Last week it was chocolate cake and this week it's other foods and chocolate cake...

First up, the other foods.  Did  you know that British Corner Shop not only ship to Australia but that they are now also stocking Waitrose branded products for delivery internationally as well?
I'm already planning my first order.  It's mostly going to be bulk lots of my favourite teabags but I did see that they also have Builders tea on offer as well.  I like a strong cuppa, should I give it a go?  Any dry goods from Waitrose I should consider too?

Closer to home, my find of the week has been store bought, ready made caramelised onion.  I don't have the patience to make it from scratch so when I discovered that Beerenberg have several versions of caramelised onions on offer, I took it as a sign from above that I was meant to have roast beef toasties for lunch this weekend.

From memory, this jar of Australian made plain old caramelised cost $5.50 for a 280g jar from Woolworths.  And it was worth every cent.  There was just enough sweetness to the onions and a tiny splodge on each side of my toastie before it went into the jaffle maker was all I needed to pretend lunch was a lot more fancy than it actually was.

I've really been enjoying the humble box of sultanas for an afternoon snack at the moment.

Isn't melting chocolate one of the best functions of a microwave ever?  It's so easy, effective and fool proof.  And with much less cleaning up than the tempering method over a pot of simmering water which has be doing so gently rather than with vigorous spits of boiling water which apparently isn't a good thing to have in contact with the bowl in which you're melting the chocolate.

Preschooler SSG and I have been making a chocolate cake for some friends we're seeing this afternoon.

He was terribly excited to have gotten all the best jobs in the kitchen - a spoon and bowl that needed licking, a spoonful of frosting to taste test and finally being in charge of the sprinkles.


  1. Beerenberg stuff is always great. The tomato sauce is probably the best tasting one you can buy in Australia, in my opinion. The jams are great too.

    So glad he is finally in charge of the sprinkles! Now you just have to task him on fairy bread, lol. :)

  2. Oh gosh SSG - that chocolate cake looks good! I'd love a piece of that right now, to go with my cup of Builder's tea :) x

  3. I have never lived in nor been to Great Britain so this excitement of yours is lost on me. Except for the chocolate cake. I can always get excited about chocolate cake.
    Great to see you every Sunday SSG! Food related or not ...

  4. Thumbs up here for the caramelised onion. I like it on a hamburger - although in saying that beerenberg also do a yummy hamburger relish (also nice in a toastie). I've had a weekend in and out of the kitchen, yesterday a batch of muffins for lunchboxes and banana bread (frozen in slices that can be toasted in the sandwich press for a no brainer brekkie - my youngest's current breakfast of choice). Today a roast chook Jamie Oliver style with enough leftovers to make chicken and toast veg soup for dinner tomorrow night. Just the think for the dreary Monday forecast for Perth!

  5. You have your tea like me, good and strong. I don't mean I'm good and strong, no, I mean I like my tea that way. Our waitrose won't be in town until February I heard today. look out for their salted caramel cheesecake. I ve heard it recommended.

  6. We usually do our own caramelized onions here, but I have to agree, its pretty yummy.


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