Aug 10, 2016

The Wednesday Download.

It's been quite a day and it's so good to be home.

I'm counting myself lucky that I even get to put my feet up shoes and all tonight because I am sure heads are rolling and people are still working overtime over in Census 2016 land.  Yep, Census got hacked last night.  Four times, actually.

All that fuss about us keeping our logins safe and remembering to get online last night was directed at the wrong people.  Many of my friends found the census site had crashed when they tried to log in and others couldn't save what they had entered.  I heard on the radio today that fines are being waived due to the glitch and also that there is going to be team of people who will be going door to door to households who haven't submitted a response.

Apparently we don't have to worry about what the overseas based hackers might be doing with our data because the intent of the hackers was only to disrupt access to the site and not a data retrieval exercise.  Not sure how you could actually know this for sure.  Anyway, it's too late for me because I did mine Monday night when the site was working perfectly.  The early bird getting their data compromised and all.

The Shovel have published a hilarious report on the 'official' findings from Census 2016 already.  You can read it here.

In other news, I've eaten an actual Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake (the Japanese cheesecake that's made from imported Australian butter back in the home country and presumably also here in Sydney).  Well, a slice of one at least.  

My friends who hosted dinner on Sunday night took one for the team and lined up for half an hour to pay $19 for one (and only one because that's the total number of cakes any one person is currently allowed to buy at Uncle T's).

Chocolate cake with sprinkles on the frosting for dessert, a dead giveaway that it was a dinner with little ones present...
And it was nice.  As light as a cloud, yes.  Different, yes.  But would any of us line up to get another one?  Probably not.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  A bit of a sleep in and much less talking than I've had to do today. I've been on a bit of an iTunes frenzy and have a brand new play list filled with gems from the likes of Little Mix, DNCE, Justin, Adele and Selena Gomez.  I'm not kidding, they all really are on my playlist and I'm seriously considering adding a few of Selena's ex's (aka the Biebs) most recent tracks too.

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Selena and Justin years....  It's a bit like Britney and Justin all over again.  Young love and young hair, we've all been there.

I should be finally be over this cold by the weekend.

Were you affected by the Census hack?

Tried an Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake yet?

Selena and Justin?  On your radar or not really?


  1. I'm not crazy about Bieber, but I do like one of his current hits, "Love Yourself." I am wondering if our Census in the States will be stable enough to handle any hack issues. Won't know for sure until it happens. We don't have Uncle Tetsu as of yet, but I am sure we will evetually (But it would be nice to have a Cheesecake Factory here in Savannah, GA. The closest one is in Atlanta, about 4 hours away). The cheescake looks yummie.

    1. I love the Cheesecake Factory, Tracie! I ate it too many times in Hawaii and also in Orlando...

      SSG xxx

  2. Adele I can relate to. Oh and cheesecake, well all cake. Fab hearing you the other day for the first time. Keep it up. you've gone silent now doing little pics. I like the I mad.

    1. Thank you, Anna but I'm rapidly running out of material for Stories on IG.... Need some more excitement to happen in my life...

      SSG xxx

  3. I am a hardcore triple J person and the artists you speak of are not on my radar.
    But cheesecake is always something I will experiment with tasting
    Luv your work xx


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