Sep 19, 2016

Art in the Everyday #2.

'Still life' type scenes from the last few days....

Title:  'Waiting'
Additional notes:  on hold while my call was in the queue for our work's IT help desk one Friday morning.

Title: 'Green'
Additional notes:  the lawn survived winter and grew just enough over the last week for me to give it a bit of a trim with my trusty old school lawn mower...

Title: 'One of Life's Mysteries'
Additional notes: I'm still not really sure how this pretty beaded pony tail holder came to be at the bottom of my handbag.  Perhaps one of the girls at preschool dropped it in by mistake while I was gathering Preschooler SSG's things during pick up on Friday.

Title: 'Fruit and Knife'
Additional notes: I've taken to carrying a paring knife and some fruit along with us on our Saturday morning jaunts down at The Junction.  A freshly cut platter of fruit complements a lunch of chicken schnitzel and thick cut chips rather well.  Especially if a side salad just isn't going to happen on your preschooler's watch.

Title: 'Callebaut Chips and Potato Masher'
Additional notes: pulled out all the stops for the weekend's baking project.  I bought this bag of Callebaut dark chocolate chips from Costco a few months back.  I know, they're still largely uneaten after all this time!  The willpower.  Used them in a batch of banana choc chip muffins.  The potato masher?  I used it on the bananas.  Works a treat.

I adapted Donna Hay's recipe from her 'Modern Classics' books ie used wholemeal flour instead of white, added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and some mixed spice.  Her use of baking powder, sour cream and vegetable oil in the base recipe delivers a muffin that peaks beautifully and keeps well due to its moisture content.  And it's so easy too!

Title: 'The Floorboards That Feed'
Additional notes: the pantry and fridge could be bare at our place but you'd never willingly starve despite this.  Despite the number of times I've swept, mopped and wiped the floor; it still yields a bounty of food at any given moment.


  1. Want to come mow my lawn? haha! With the recent rains and the sicknesses it's turning into a literal jungle out there. There are weeds taller than the dog already!!! The dog being the only reason our floors aren't covered in food for too long ;)

  2. I like doing still life photos too. People don't understand when I take pics of table settings and wine etc instead of them at the table.

  3. How you make all these things look so lovely and interesting I'll never know - teach me your ways!


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