Sep 23, 2016

Friday Drinks.

Good times.  I'm working through this weekend.  It's my last one for the year which I'm pretty happy about.  On the other hand, I can pretty much guarantee that this will mean nothing blog worthy will be going on for the duration.  So before I disappear off into the sunset for a bit, here's a recap of the last bits of excitement (such that it was) I'm going to be seeing for 72 hours or so.

We got our new council bins on Thursday.  I thought it would be a great idea to multitask and bring them round to the back of the house while I was sipping my apres gym coffee.  Yes.  In my activewear.  Eye roll.

It was noisy business and I was feeling a bit self conscious about interrupting the peace of the morning before the builders down the road even had the chance.  (Un)Fortunately, I wasn't the only person out and about making a ruckus because the distinctive sound of a shopping trolley that's supposed to lock it's wheels once it's removed from its shopping centre (but hasn't) soon stuttered out its harmony to my bin wheels.  My neighbour was wheeling a Dan's trolley down the street while he walked his dog on his way to get a coffee.  I think we're the special street of the 'hood.  The eccentric aunt who yoga retreats in Byron (aka Far North Bondi) and shops from the hard core organic and whole foods aisles of About Life when she is in town (as opposed to doing it light with a coffee and a ready made lunch from the cafe).

My care package from T2 arrived.

Perfectly and excessively gift wrapped as always in layers of monogrammed black tissue paper and the trademark black on black T2 gift box.  120 peppermint tea bags?  You betcha.  I started off with one soothing mug before dinner and it's escalated from there.  Relaxing with benefits to digestion, metabolism, weight loss and immunity plus T2's version tasting so good?  I've even started substituting it for my afternoon cup of tea as well.

T2 had a gift with purchase promotion when I placed my order and it a special edition tin of their new loose leaf tea, Packs A Peach.  It's a black tea with chunks of dried fruit in it and smells like summer in its tin.  Can't wait to try it iced this summer.

In other beverage news, I've made an early start on the Christmas champagne stockpiling.  I refuse to buy the fruit mince pies and fruit cakes that have started to appear on our supermarket shelves for Christmas that's still 93 days away but I will fill my trolley with some of Dan Murphy's heavily discounted champagne.  Veuve is currently going for $110 per pair of bottles.

Sorry, did I really just write that Christmas is 93 days away?  That's a double digit number.  Already!?!?!  When did this happen?

Does anything unique happen on your street?  Are you responsible for it?

Have you started stockpiling food and drink for Christmas yet?

Have a good weekend.


  1. I've started buying Christmas presents but that's about it! Trying to figure out what to get the boys for Christmas that won't take up too much space in the house, haha! Hope your last working weekend of the year flies by!

  2. Have you shopped online at I haven't gotten anything from them as of yet (the prices alone has kept me from using my card to make any purchases as of yet and I'm not sure how shippment is priced for Amercian buyers). They are located at Byron Bay and I love some of the styles they come up with. looks awesome too!
    I've kinda started early with my Christmas presents shopping. Since I don't know what to get my neices and nephew this year, I've decided to get them gift cards, so I don't goof up (and they will enjoy having something to spend on themselves). I am sneaking my ten year old daughter's Christmas presents a little bit at a time and hiding them in my mother's room for the time being until I can get them wrapped....sigh.

  3. We got some Christmas presents on our trip to the US, which is a nice way to combine a souvenir and a gift all at once. I'm usually terribly badly organised though so this is definitely not the norm for me. We'll be away over most of Christmas so thankfully no big food stockpiles are in order (lucky due to aforementioned lack of organisational skills).


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