Sep 6, 2016

Longer Days and Beautiful Blooms.

Spring, you've come up with the goods already.  Almost overnight, the days have become longer which means evening walks are much prettier than they were only a few weeks back.

We took a right turn off our usual walk home on Sunday night and were rewarded with a little cul de sac lined by beautiful houses set well back from the footpath and elevated well above pedestrian level.  The setting back was also buffered by perfectly manicured hedges, ornate fences and imposing brick walls softened by well trained creepers.

The apartment blocks on the main street have had a spruce up for the new season.  I unreservedly endorse the body corporate's idea of planting hedges and trees between each driveway.

There's something about the set of these windows.  Ruth Rendell or even Agatha Christie Herself might have sat inside looking out through them nursing a steaming mug of tea as plots and characters were drafted out in pencil on yellow legal pads.

No tangential associations sprang to mind when I look back at this photo.  It was just that moment when I was too lazy to carry a bag of shopping from the supermarket across the carpark and into the car.  So I left it in  my trolley.

I've heard that David Jones' spring floral display is amazing this year.  I'm planning to make a day of it this weekend with Preschooler SSG.  In the meantime, we found these beautiful bouquets of red roses for sale on the way to daycare.

And these daffodils, irises and daisies.

Are you loving spring already?


  1. Love spring. Always look forward to Dj's flower display. Nothing better to make people smile. Den x

  2. Yes they are quite English looking houses. You have bulbs, we have squash season.


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