Sep 11, 2016

Lovin' Life 11/9/2016: On the Table.

It's been another one of those blink and you just about missed it kind of weeks.  It's mostly been the same old same old but the introduction of spring onto the scene with its longer days and brighter mornings made it all look a bit prettier this week.  There's also been a lot more good deeds going on too, I've found.  People helping each other reach for the tins on the top shelf at Woolies, young men who gladly looked up from their mobile phones to help keep a three year old from running onto the street to get closer to his beloved buses, parents at the library working together to make sure everyone got a fair turn on the iPads.  The sun brings out the best in all of us.

Other things I'm loving about life this week have, for some strange reason, been found on table tops and other flat surfaces.  Maybe it's not so strange.  It's often the easiest place to photograph them.

There was yesterday's coffee at The Junction which bought me five minutes to sit down and attend to my pleathery hands as Preschooler SSG made a train out of the marshmallows that came with his babycino.

Did you know that the House of EFTPOS do gift cards these days?  There is an additional purchase fee that the giver needs to pay but how good is that?  I'm a dedicated gift card giver.  I work with people who are often a good decade or two (!!) younger than I and it can be difficult to know what an appropriate token of appreciation for their hard work and ability to survive working 3 months on my team would be.  Some people are great at weaving a bit of themselves into work day conversation whilst others prefer to keep their personal lives separate.  A gift card is my perfect solution and now that you can get EFPTOS cards, it's beyond perfect.

I bought a new letter opener.  It's replacing a hotel freebie that served me well for 8 years.  Somehow, it and a favourite ruler disappeared off my home office desk into the Bermuda triangle that is the rest of the house.  This new appliance is stainless steel with a good blunted point to it.  It's just the kind of implement you need to attack the only kind of letters I tend to get these days - bills and bank statements.

On the dining table yesterday was a thick slice of last weekend's blueberry loaf.  It's kept so well it tasted freshly baked.  I think that thick dabbing of butter helped a bit too....

Over on the stove was this pot of soup in the browning and wilting of the vegetables stage.  On Saturdays we cook with garlic from the tube rather than peeling and crushing fresh cloves of it.

Do you give gift cards?

Garlic from a tube - yay or nay?


  1. I cut out a lot of garlic because I had stomach upsets and my doctor suggested I look at FODMAPs - which involved me reducing my garlic and onion consumption. I now only use garlic granules in things I'm afraid... though used to love real garlic on some occasions (to roast).

  2. I am a garlic from the tube convert - much easier! :)

    And thanks for the heads up about the eftpos giftcard - there are always a few tricky people to buy from at Christmas so I'll keep that in mind! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Garlic from a tube lasts longer! Good idea. Butter on a loaf..only way to go! Spring is giving us more good feelings inside and out I think! Mind you, in about 3 weeks when Daylight Saving starts (long weekend) we will know it!!

  4. I give and enjoy receiving gift cards.

  5. Well played EFTPOS! Great idea.
    I'm still trying to find a space when I'm in Sydney for more than 5 minutes to meet with you. After Problogger and connecting with all my favourite people, you, Michelle from Jarrah Jungle and Denyse are the only ones left on this year's list of "must meets". We will get it done SSG. We WILL.

  6. I'm a giver of gift cards too! This is handy to know that these EFTPOS gift cards are now available.


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