Sep 4, 2016

Lovin' Life 4/9/2016: Scenes From Early Spring.

Spring so far.

Blood Orange San Pellegrino and Tasty Cheese Rice Cakes.  The kind of meal that really knocks a cold on its head.

Another cold but I tend to get over them quicker when the sun's about and I've eaten the right things.  This might look like a whole heap of empty calories to you but I see vitamin C, salt and other essential electrolytes looking at me.

You are correct, that last sentence could well have been written for / paraphrased from  'Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?'. #lifewithapreschooler

Morning walks down the road with Preschooler SSG for breakfast.  A toastie for the boy and its crusts for his mummy....

Crafting at home's been getting more colourful.  Preschooler SSG is getting really good at telling me what shapes he wants cut out so that he can paste them into his projects.  In between his requests, I've been embracing the calming effects of collage myself.

It's been warm enough to step out in Birkis and track pants for the weekend grocery run.

This is a view of the cafe and eatery strip downstairs from Woolies.  It's where you go for coffee and brunch on Sunday  and it's where you aim to just survive walking through if you're in the company of children who see the dogs, bicycles, scooters, cars, plant boxes, gas heaters, umbrellas and taller pedestrians as the kind of obstacle course they spend their days at preschool training to complete.

Flushed with the success of his pink cake for daycare, Preschooler SSG had a blue cake in mind for today's baking session.  Donna Hay's Blueberry and Yoghurt Loaf was the perfect choice.  We even found blue labelled yoghurt to fit the brief.

It's a melt and mix recipe which made it quick to make.  It was in the oven in under 10 minutes.

While it was baking, I gave myself a parenting pat on the back for incorporating zoodles, carrot and a poached egg into Preschooler SSG's post swim Mi Goreng.  For expert tips on how to properly pimp your Indomie, the Good Food team recently put together this article with tips from some of Sydney's top chefs.

Weekend baking - the blueberry loaf and this week's tray of  baked oats.

The blueberry loaf took about half an hour to bake for me, the recipe suggested an hour's baking time so do keep an eye on your loaf when baking for yourself.  It smells just like blueberry muffins.  We're skipping the suggested topping of more berries and icing sugar but I imagine the loaf would look even more delicious with these additions.  We're having the loaf for afternoon tea and I think the leftovers would make good breakfasts for the coming week.

Colour has entered my wardrobe by way of my Liberty London Olympics scarf and Mai Tai's Anneau Infinity scarf ring.  I'm wearing the scarf in a cascade knot and wouldn't you know it?  It really was as easy to tie as Mai Tai's YouTube video suggested it was.

Dusted off the special occasion spring / summer bag.  It's looking very pretty in my bedroom and confers a  kind of fashionista glamour to the rest of the room and its array of easy wear, virtually indestructible mum life clothing and accessories.  The heart says carry it everywhere and everyday, the mind says 'remember that family train trip to the city last month and how you thanked your lucky stars you had everything in that North Face backpack and that you wore those Columbia hiking shoes?'.

Is there a special item of clothing or accessory living in your bedroom that your heart and mind can't seem to agree on?  Or are you more sensible and have an actual piece of valuable art for your bedroom instead?


  1. Oh. My. God. I love those Tasty Cheese rice cakes. I eat way too many. I love the cheesy flavour and the crunch of them. I have nothing on them, but put some on a plate to take to eat and ALWAYS go back for more.....

  2. Birkies. Love birkies. Gorgeous Liberty scarf. We still have summer here. Just. Still wearing our birkies and sandals. That Blueberry cake looks fab.

  3. The blueberry loaf looks amazing, and now I want to craft with my son, lol. I used to love making collages years ago! #lovinlife

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  4. Just this weekend I went ought and bought myself a small wallet and a teeny hairbrush so that my Celine box bag, which is also blue come to think of it, can be taken out and about more often. Your Hermes is gorgeous.

  5. " For expert tips on how to properly pimp your Indomie...." LOL. That made me laugh.
    Thanks for sharing your week. Your collage art looks like fun!
    Damn spring is still eluding us here in Canberra. Although the blossom trees seem to know something we don't because they are starting to flower ...

  6. Oh yes if I had a birkin it would be pride of place on display too, and probably worn very little! I'm still waiting for a bigger house so I can claim some wardrobe space to have my bags out on display again, rather than stuffed under the bed in dustbags.

    That blueberry loaf looks so delicious as well! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. I am loving this warmer weather and that cake looks pretty tasty!

  8. Love the color of the birkin! I keep tossing up whether i want a birkin 30 or not but i don't think i could justify it unless it was my everyday bag. I don't think i'm confident enough yet to wear one out. Baby steps ... haha.


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