Sep 17, 2016

Pancakes. The Bachelor.

If you have a plate of pancakes in front of you, life can be nothing but good. Pancakes are a special occasion food.  They're a bit fiddly to make which can add a bit of ceremony and specialness to breakfast at home.  I, however, tend to only eat them when I'm out or overseas because I lack the patience to make them for myself.  And then to clean up afterwards.  And then to figure out what to do with the spare jug of batter that I always seem to have no matter how many I make for breakfast.

The last week or so has featured a couple of special pancake meals.

Carly and I finally caught up for breakfast on Thursday.  There was so much to discuss that it took us half an hour to decide on our orders and often forgot to eat between sentences...  These are Little Jean's ricotta pancakes with a salted caramel sauce on a bed of fresh fruit.  Little Jean has also made it to the best coffee in Sydney list as decided by Good Food so run, don't walk.

Back on Sunday, Preschooler SSG and I went to the Smooth Chocolate Festival at The Rocks.  We shared a plate of Dutch pancakes and maple syrup which we ate by spearing them with the provided toothpicks as we sat in the gardens nearby.  There were so many people and the stalls selling more show stopping creations had queues that stretched across the lawn so we quite while we were ahead and looked around rather than cruised for more food as we walked.

Preschooler SSG had a play with these larger than life sweet treats that were part of a display promoting the latest Zumbo television series.  This chance encounter with a milkshake and cupcake represent the breadth and depth of my knowledge of the show.  I don't even fully know what the premise is?  Competitive dessert making, I think?

Via The Betoota Advocate's Facebook page - the account to follow if you like your Australian news delivered in tones of slick satire.

Which brings me to The Bachelor Australia.  Despite not having free to air television, I've found myself surprisingly up to date with all the latest goings on, including the disappointing finale.  The ring wasn't up to scratch, Richie stepped out in a pale blue suit (the shade of which will forever be known as Bachie blue) and the nation's collective misgivings about Alex, Richie's chosen lady.  

As a nation, we really seem to have taken The Bachelor to heart.  Even in the unlikely corridors of my workplace.  Staff on the after hours shift were asked for updates by people who hadn't gotten their TV connected or who had forgotten to bring their phone chargers in for the night.  It was the hottest topic of conversation on the wards well into the night.  I found this insightful and positive (for a change) opinion piece about finding love as a single mum (two recent 'winners' of the Bachelor are single mums with young children).

So yes, I inwardly cringe whenever I see advertising for The Bachelor and I don't know if I'll ever be able to bring myself to watch beyond the opening credits but I'm happy to see the show bring a bit of fun and awareness to our daily lives in these days of ever bleaker news headlines.

But I digress.  Don't  know how I managed to steer that tangent so far off course...

After the pancakes..

We got hungry again and needed hot chips before we went home.

The Four Seasons ended up being the closest place that served both chips and coffee so we had no choice but to stop by.

Questions of the day.

Do you have any especially happy pancake memories?

The Bachelor?  Did you get pulled into the forcefield it generated this season?


  1. I know what you mean about the bachelor! Although I've never seen it I've heard a lot about it! :)

    I do have an opinion on pancakes though, haha! After having a craving and stumbling across a 3 ingredient recipe while pregnant I used to make huge batches and store the leftovers to reheat for the next day or two's brekkie. They were delicious and I'm just waiting until I have a little more time so I can make them again!

    1. Have to do that next time, MIca. Make up the whole batch of batter and reheat later.

      SSG xxx

  2. Wat you ate where not Dutch pancakes but " poffertjes" 😊
    Our pancakes our the size of a crepe but thicker. Hope you enjoyed them!

    1. Thank you for the clarification, Esther! The sign at the stall used both terms interchangeably....

      They were delicious all the same.

      SSG xxx

  3. I was sucked in the beginning, but I grew to really dislike Alex. I don't know why. Maybe it was editing. She just didn't seem very genuine.

  4. I don't watch the American version of The Bachelor (kinda burned out on any reality shows at the moment to be honest :)).
    On the pancake front though- I do love them. If there is any batter left over, I go ahead and make them and put them into the freezer so my daughter can heat them for breakfast during the week. Saves us both about 15 minutes in the mornings when we are getting our day started (my daughter with school and I with work). The pancakes you posted look so good!

  5. I love pancakes, I often order them if we go out for brunch but at home I like to make the healthy banana based pancakes - I had never thought to do a huge batch and freeze them as the others suggested, such a good idea!
    I only watched the last 10 mins of the last episode of The Bachelor so have no clue about most of it, but boy I heard how unhappy everyone was with his choice on social media!


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