Sep 26, 2016


Just resurfacing from a busy weekend.

I'm feeling nothing but love towards this glorious sun we're having today.  It's filtered the pallor and pastiness out of my face like you wouldn't believe.

Some scenes from the weekend....

I took myself out for breakfast on Saturday before heading into work.  One day, I will live on the edge and go out for breakfast on a weekday work day...

Being the weekend, I managed to snag a spot on the highly coveted green level of our multi storey car park.

I was here on a daily basis for lunch and more coffee.

In a pocket of quiet time on Saturday, Preschooler SSG and I went down the road for afternoon tea Italian style.  A scoop of chocolate gelato for him and a bottle of blood orange San P for me.  We sat outside watching the world go about its business as the sun shone overhead.  I think we've got a good thing going for summer when it arrives in a few short months.

Meanwhile in Canada, the working weekend looked a little like this for the Cambridges.
Kate wore McQueen in Vancouver.
And Jenny Packham when the family deplaned in Victoria.

You know, don't you. that the McQueen will grown on me in coming weeks and that I will chance upon a facsimile of it at Zara which I will buy and archive for future wear.  On a day, ideally, involving minimal walking or preschooler wrangling because I think heels will be mandatory to pull of the look.  Chinese New Year, perhaps?  It would be a lovely frock for the races or a wedding, neither of which are on the horizon of my social calendar, though. 

I will be looking towards my friend Leslie aka  The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow for all the latest as she lives not far from where the family will be staying this week.  Canada has pulled out all the stops for this visit so far and I've really enjoyed the photos and media coverage so far.

Apparently, Prince George was being a typical three year old and didn't high five the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.  I wonder how old George will be before he's allowed to wear long trousers?  Will his parents succumb to the tyranny of track pants like many of us already have?  What will they do with all those lovingly bought (and incredibly cute) pairs of designer jeans they may have sourced from the US outlet stores?  I bought those jeans in lieu of the adorable tutus my friends buy for their daughters.  Only Preschooler SSG is in a jeans refusal stage of his development right now and it's trackies or nothing at the moment.

I clocked off at work at lunchtime on Sunday, by which time it was cold and wet again.  But I set off for home determined to make the most of the weekend I had left.  First stop, the gym where I'm slowly getting my sprint speeds up again after all these colds I've had.

Then I dropped off all my Kiehl's empties and got my card stamped.  By the looks of the fine print, I'm due three rewards.  They were out of stock this weekend so I'll chase things up later and write a bit about my haul.

I also picked up a few things I'll write about another day.  They were almost free because I got these gift cards to redeem against a future purchase as well.  Not bad for an afternoon's work.

And then Preschooler SSG and I hit the supermarket to shop for the week ahead.  This is us negotiating about what our next tin of bedtime drink powder will be.  And the winner is Ovaltine, readers!!  Sounds much healthier than chocolate milk powder, doesn't it?

I seem to be flicking pages on my diary at the rate of knots these days.  It's going to be the end of the year before I know it.  I'm determined to not let next year get away from me so I'm starting my trip planning for 2017 now.  In fact one of my resolutions for the new year will be to take myself overseas twice over the year.  Though I've flown into Texas several times over the  years, I've never actually left the airport in Dallas Fort Worth to explore the state.  So I'm planning  my first trip of the year to Texas.  San Antonio, to be precise.

Have you visited Texas?  Are you from there, perhaps?  What is San Antonio like around May?

Do three year olds grow out of their track pants obsession?


  1. My now 13 year old son has never met a pair of trackies he didn't love. He hates jeans with a passion. He always has and I think he always will hate jeans unless they look like trackies. I'm just grateful he wears his school trousers all year round without complaint!
    I have to confess I don't get the shorts with long socks look for a 3 year old. what are they thinking? In the words of a certain politician: please explain?
    Den xx

  2. Tip for eating in Texas: Elasticated waisted pants.


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