Sep 8, 2016

Thursday. In the Post.

Thank you for saving me from myself when I posed the $180 drop crotch trackie conundrum in my most recent post.

Because fate stepped in today and brought me past this Cotton On store.  Look at all those signs.....

And look what I got for $10?  It's a practically guilt free foray into the world of clothes whose cut are designed to universally unflatter that we also feel compelled to buy.

Got in nice and early to my local this morning, well ahead of the morning rush that seems start at around 7am here.  The cafe runs like a well oiled machine.  That wall of espresso machines pumps and steams well into the afternoon and those precise rows of milk and dairy alternative cartons find themselves drained, upturned and in crates by day's end.

Isn't nice going about your  morning's business with a bit of light in the sky?  Even if it was hidden behind the clouds for most of the morning.

A  number of lovely things arrived in the post yesterday.

First up was my annual order of six tubes of The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector ($19.99 for a 100ml tube)

which equates to a carton's worth.  It's been my favourite and most relied upon hand cream since the beginning of time.  I do a fair bit of glove wearing, hand washing and alcohol based hand foam rubbing on an average day at work (the winter peak sees me wash my hands around 30 times a day, it happens so automatically I lose count) but my trusty tube of hemp keeps my hands out of strife.

This was the first time I've ordered from The Body Shop online.  There don't seem to be as many stores around town as I remember that there used to be.  Delivery is fast and there's often a good gift with purchase online these days but they're often limited to a specific product range.  It's currently face masks so my order when gift free.

The other lovely piece of post was an envelope bearing the Sydney Opera House logo on it.  Always a sign of good times enclosed within.
The letter contained our tickets to the upcoming school holiday season of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Stage Show.  I've heard glowing reviews of the production and how much it was enjoyed by preschool aged children so I'm really looking forward to seeing Preschooler SSG's reaction when we go ourselves.

What time of the day do you like your coffee?  I was chatting with an Italian lady at work about how they do it.  Something strong first thing in the morning, perhaps another mid morning and one more later in the day if either lunch or dinner were heavy.  But none after five.  She was struggling a bit with the catering grade granules in the tea room but it had to be done if she was to be in 'any fit state' (in her words) to go down the road to the cafe strip for a proper shot of espresso.


  1. I hope you tax-deduct your hand creams. You can do that.

  2. I use l'occitane. So rich and creamy. Colleagues rate Bodyshop though, which incidentally began in Littlehampton or that way 😊 . I'm going to try that hemp cream. Probably cheaper than l'occitane.

  3. The drop crotch trackies aren't for me, but I am impressed at the huge saving you got by going the cotton on route! :)

    That hemp hand cream is INCREDIBLE too. My hands always get really bad after bubs - don't know if it's the cold weather or the constant nappy changes and associated handwashing, but I can put that on overnight and you'd never be able to tell how horrible my hands looked the day before! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. I use the Hemp hand cream as well with in a couple of uses you can see a difference in your hands,it is amazing!!!!!


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