Sep 1, 2016

VFNO Minus The Glamour. Strawberry Cake.

My glory days of getting into the city for Vogue's Fashion's Night Out (VFNO) have been and gone.

I'm swapping sneaky glasses of in store champagne for an illicit bottle of coke zero as I've logged on as virtual attendee.

And  by virtual attendee, I mean I've taken advantage of some early VFNO promotions online.  Metalicus's 30% off store and site wide offer popped into my inbox this morning and I picked up this North maxi dress.  It's going to be worn to death this summer, dressed both up and down.

The only racks of clothes I'll be rifling through this VFNO are my own.  In honour of it being the official start of spring today as well as it being a big day for fashion I've started ironing my white Ts and blouse collection.

My favourite thing to wear with boring but practical white T shirts?  Scarves and Mai Tai's scarf rings.

The Anneau Infinity is a newer design in the range and mine is in black lacquer.
I'm hoping to achieve a look that approximates Mai Tai's Cascade knot (shown above) sometime soon.  The video on YouTube makes it all look so easy.

This is an update on the classic horn scarf rings, in the grande size finished in a gold toned lacquer.

Aside from the irresistible accessories,  Mai Tai's online store also features a range of bag insert / organisers.  Primarily designed for Hermes bags, any of the inserts also fit bags from other designers and lists of these bags can be found in the information provided on the site for each specific insert.

I'll be happy if my things look half as tidy as this photo.  And I'll be golden if I can at least find my phone while it's still ringing and my car keys by the time I get to my car.

The inserts themselves are constructed of a firmly woven linen and made in France.  They are beautifully made as you can see and available in a wide range of colours.

They don't contain any plastic inserts so aren't rigid walled which means that they don't really 'shape' the bag that they're in.  They're also very light in weight.

In non fashion news from today, I had a special request from Preschooler SSG for a 'strawberry cake'.  The internet provided me with this recipe for a Basic Strawberry Cake.  I've never made a cake using jelly crystals and fresh fruit before so I was intrigued from the moment I started reading the ingredients list.

This is my home made strawberry puree which was made by blitzing a hulled punnet of strawberries with my Braun stick blender.

The packet of jelly crystals got creamed with the butter and sugar.  The end result looked and smelled like strawberry pavlova.

Splurged from some cake flour for the cake.  I realise now I could have made my own at home with plain flour and cornflour.

This was the cake batter.  Such a pretty pink!  It was such a shame the baked cakes didn't retain that soft pastel pink.

All was not lost in the pastel pink stakes because we frosted the cake with Add A Pinch's classic vanilla buttercream frosting  that we tinted pink using red food colouring gel.

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to cut the cake this evening to taste test it for you because Preschooler SSG wants to bring the cake in for Show and Tell.  I don't like his chances given the strict food policies at daycares and schools these days....

Did you go to VFNO this year?  What's the goss?

Have you ever tasted a strawberry cake?


  1. I've never tasted a strawberry cake before but that looks yummy! :) I made the mistake of packing leftover birthday cupcakes for toddler T's teachers at daycare rather than his class, to avoid the whole allergy thing, but turns out it would have been fine for him to take them for his friends, so you never know! He might get to share his cake.

    1. Mica,
      It was shared with the class and the cake box came home empty! For our next baking project, though, I will be aiming for something more healthy.

      SSG xxx

  2. I've been looking at a Samorga organiser for my YSL shopping tote but keen to check out the MaiTai collection nice the store reopens. Thanks for the link!

    1. No problem, Brady. I do like the sound of the YSL tote....

      SSG xxx

  3. What is your recommendation for the best white t-shirt brand? I am a huge fan of white t-shirts but am always on the hunt for a well designed one that isn's see-through!

    1. Hi Sarah
      My favourite so far is the Uniqlo basic T. I think it's around $15. Many love Bassike but I'm yet to take the plunge.

      I also love Bonds T shirts but it's been ages since I've bought from them so not sure what's currently available.

      SSG xxx


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