Oct 18, 2016

A Day at Taronga Zoo.

There are those days where the only way to walk to preschool is to do so in the company of your new monkey called Purple.

Your mum might have wanted you to call him Prince but to you, he's Purple and you love him so much you wear him like an infinity scarf to bed every night.  Your mum sneaks in after you've fallen asleep to loosen Purple's velcro hands (though technically, I read somewhere that their hands are actually modified feet).

We bought Purple at Taronga Zoo over the weekend.  Those of you who follow my Instagram will already have the low down on how spectacular the weather was on the Sunday we went.  I was so inspired that I even posted a whole heap of Insta story videos too.  That hasn't happened in a while.

We took the ferry from Circular Quay and to be honest, I think this is the only way we'll be going in the future.  It was only a 12 minute ride and there are buses to meet you on the zoo side that take you right up to the main entrance.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it's the centenary of the zoo moving from Moore Park to leafy, tranquil, water side Mosman.

The last time I visited the zoo was seven years ago and my memories are hazy at best.  The zoo that greeted me on the weekend was world class.  The grounds were beautifully maintained, everything was easy to locate and the amenities were well thought out (lots of bathrooms and lockers at the entrance plus a store for both gifts and last minute emergencies like sunscreen).

There was even a sleek cafe at the entrance.

It looked more like an upmarket  restaurant than the concept I had in my mind of a zoo entrance.

Single admissions are $46 for adults and $26 for children over the age of four with a discount for online purchases.  It made better sense for us to purchase a season pass because three hours was as long as Preschooler SSG could handle and we barely scratched the surface of all the enclosures let alone the shows.

There are a number of attractions like meeting the koalas that require extra tickets to be purchased as well as for things like the wild ropes adventure. Roar and Snore is a zoo sleepover experience that I have to take Preschooler SSG to one day.  The minimum age for children to participate is five.  Not long to go...  The Sky Safari cable car ride is free though and ended up being Preschooler SSG's most favourite activity of the day. It offers a fabulous view of Sydney Harbour as well as an aerial view of the zoo.  Highly recommended.

Food and beverage wise, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food on offer at the food hall.  It is all pre made but there was a wide range of options running the spectrum of the usual fried favourites to Asian foods and baguettes.  Much nicer than anything I tried at the theme parks of Orlando.

I don't have many photos of the animals for you, I'm afraid.  

There is a koala resting in the shade in this photo, top left.

One of the elephants having a drink of water.

Preschooler SSG looking for turtles.

The giraffe enclosure.

A shady resting spot in the corner.

On the ferry back to Circular Quay.

We've actually already planned to return next month with our mothers group besties.

We stopped for tea and chocolate gelato on the way home.  Three cheers for the longer days that daylight saving has already given us and the many more to come this summer.


  1. I really enjoyed your pics on IG of the zoo trip including ferry. I don't recollect seeing a koala in a zoo here. I wonder why when we have elephants etc.

  2. Hi!!

    So glad you loved the zoo. We adored the sleepover but I would suggest taking kids who are a little bit older (maybe 8) as the tour went til almost 11pm and we had to be up at 6.15! All the younger children in the group we were part off were either really struggling or had to go back to the tent early... So unless Preschooler SSG is nocturnal (like so many of the beautiful animals) I would hold off for a little while!! Definitely one to put on the list of must-dos though!


  3. I've never been to Taronga zoo, one day I'd like to visit :) It sounds like a really nice day out, een if you weren't there for long.

  4. We did season passes for about 3 years when the kids were younger and treated the zoo like we were heading to the park. Sometimes we'd spend a little time there, other times more. Always got our money's worth over the year. There's always great activities too, especially around school holidays.

  5. It's been about 8 years since we've been to Taronga Zoo. I do love the ferry ride and the views from the zoo.
    I'm with you - that monkey is definitely Prince "His Royal Purpleness"

  6. I love Taronga! And the Sky Safari was also one of my favourite activities; it was a close call between that and the bird show. Glad you had a good day, I'd definitely get a season pass if I lived there!


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