Oct 3, 2016

Beach Life. Slashed Jeans.

There's a little beach only a short walk from home.

It's a walk signposted by flower filled planter boxes and topiary trees.

And whimsical store fronts dressed in glittery fringes and colourful china.

You never know who or what you'll find on display.

It always surprises me that a beach this clean and accessible is as quiet is it is.  People walk by, some others may sit on the benches that line the path that run along it but it's never packed.  Perhaps the swimming and people watching isn't as good as what's on offer at Bondi Beach.

Not that I'm complaining.  I love the solitude and simplicity of 'my' beach.

Preschooler SSG loves this beach too.  He spent all of yesterday afternoon scurrying up and down it like a little two legged crab.

Seaweed needed to be rearranged, waves needed to be run away from and sand angels needed to be made on the beach itself.

Got accessorised by Preschooler SSG the morning on the way to breafkast.

Where we ate all the berries.

Love your work, DHL Express!  How thoughtful of you to deliver on public holiday Mondays.

These are my new Citizens in the Agnes cut in the wash 'Straight Up'.  I straight up love them.  The slashes don't look as 'young' as I feared they would.

If it's a long weekend Monday where you are right now, I hope it's behaving exactly as it should be towards you.


  1. Do you straight up love them or legit love them?
    I prefer legit.
    Also, I have decided upon Kamalaya. Important info.
    And I've ordered a 32 gb iPhone 6s+

  2. Those jeans look great on you! :) I'll have to keep in mind that Shopbop delivers on public holiday Mondays! I'm still surprised when their shipping is faster than local sometimes, DHL are pretty good.

    That beach looks lovely too - how nice you can walk to it :)

  3. The beach looks lovely! Our beach here is busy until mid October when the weather starts to cool down for Fall (It seems that Savannah, Georgia and the northern part of Florida start late with Fall and Winter unlike our Northern counterparts of the US).
    The bunnies that are on display look like the a character of a show called "Miffy and Friends" that my daughter loved to would watch when she was your son's age. It would show on one of the public television channels that we have.


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