Oct 4, 2016

Beauty in the Bag at Chemist Warehouse.

Did you know that Chemist Warehouse has jumped on the beauty bag gift with purchase bandwagon?  I was in store today and noticed the promotional tags dotted along the aisles.  The current 'Beauty in the Bag' promotion is yours if you spend $50 across hair, beauty and facial skin care with no restriction on brands.

I was pleasantly surprised at the range of products inside the bag.  I've been a bit disappointed with what some of the competition offers, to be honest.  Too often there's a whole heap of single use sachets, makeup I don't use and an assortment of things from brands that aren't appealing to me.

As you can see from the photo above, Chemist Warehouse managed to come up with a mix of products that will satisfy most of their loyal customers.  For the sachet counters, there were only two included in the gift - one for a protein powder and another for a new Nivea body lotion.  Everything else was a generous travel or full retail size.  The total value of the gift is $100.

In addition to the products, the gift also includes two $5 off vouchers valid for November 2016 and for use in store only.  One for make up and the other for fragrance.  The tote is a bit Le Pliage in appearance and would be a handy for work, travel or general adulting around town duty.

These are the products that caught my eye from my first sticky beak:

  • a pair of Mercedes Benz perfume samples, they're both sprays as well!!!!!  Those vial and applicator samples can be tricky to use but these sprays will be perfect to stash in my bag.

  • W7's Benefit look alike bronzer in Honolulu.  It's just so summery and the name alone is enough to have me loving it already.
  • and these for next year's travels.  If your toiletry bag is in order, then half the stress of travel is pretty much dealt with.  Am I right?  
There doesn't seem to be a specific end date for the beauty bag promotion but I imagine it's going to be very popular so perhaps swing by on your way home tonight!  

RRP $5.99

RRP $6.99

There is a Swisse toner and a Sukin moisturiser included in the gift.  Have you tried either?  How did you find them?

This liquid eyeliner and mascara set from Maybelline was part of my $50 spend.  I've read good things about the Master Precise Curvy liquid eyeliner.

I think it's going to be the summer of liquid eyeliner a la Lauren Conrad, don't you?


  1. Oooh I'll need to check this out - it does look like a great tote, love how generous the sizes of everything are!

  2. I've been meaning to try that Morrocan argan oil shampoo and conditioner. Looks a useful set of freebies. I'm always a bit cynical and don't extra spend especially so as I can get the freebies.

  3. This looks great! I used to get the Priceline gift bag with purchase but wouldn't mind trying this out for something different!

  4. We don't have one locally here (BOOO!). I would have gone just to get the freebies! I spend about $50 easy on just hair product for my daughter (she is biracial, so I have to buy products just for her hair).

  5. I'm a sucker for these beauty bags. I love that there are only 2 sachets in this one too, I hate little tiny sachets with hardly any product.


  6. I really like the look of those bags! And those samples are stuff I would actually use as well. Such a great find :)

  7. That's worth a trip to Chemist Warehouse!

  8. The beauty bag is not available in Eastwood Chemist-warehouse, and I am in the waiting list, don't know when I can get them..............sigh..............:(


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