Oct 12, 2016

Cosmic Waves. A Reader Question. Incandescent Light.

What's up with these opaque tights requiring mornings, Sydney?

Any chance you could get back on track with a bit more of this?  Soonish, if possible.

Speaking of gently lapping waves, there's the gentle waves on the water down at your local beach and then there's cosmic waves from the collision of two black holes somewhere in the universe which looks a little like this.

The Washington Post
Images and sounds of the waves were first detected this year by the  Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) which has been set up in two states of the United States (Washington and Louisiana).  I know this is all a bit tangential but I was listening to BBC World News last night and a little report about LIGO and the waves came on just as I was drifting off to sleep.  

The audio of those cosmic waves was surreal to listen to and the way they were caught made for some fascinating listening that kept me awake a bit longer than I had intended.  I'll be straight with you and say that I struggled with physics at school and everything I learned to get through Year 12 has pretty much been erased from my memory card but the physicists behind LIGO spoke with such plain English passion that  my curiosity was sparked and here we are.  Posting links to basic astrophysics articles and adding observatory photos to blog posts.  Breaks the monotony of the mummy / shopping  / tales of the everyday you usually endure around these parts.

The northern leg of LIGO

The tow LIGO observatories are composed of a few kilometres worth of mirrors and piping that are positioned in such a way as to collect information that can be used to calculate speed differences and other physics related parameters that are explained here.

JLT recently posted a question. I love reader questions and interaction.  They make me feel wanted like my writing  is both read and reacted to.  Anyway, the question related to what I do for exercise on a daily basis.  Nothing terribly exciting is the short answer.  I get to the pool once a fortnight, aim to be at the gym 3-4 days per week and do HIIT style stuff at home on the other days with weights and medicine balls.  Gym days are 2/3 cardio and the final 15 minutes on weights.

It's all self directed, I used to do personal training but haven't got the time to do it anymore.  Things that have helped me keep at it are:

  • the Seconds app for iPhone where you enter the details of you HIIT circuit for example and the app will time and cue you for each exercise and rest period
  • mixing the intensity of workouts so even if I feel tired when I start, if something feels 'doable' even if it doesn't get my heart rate up too high, at least I'm moving and I've stuck with it.  Hand weights can intensify what looks like a pretty low intensity work out.
  • rotating the workouts I do at home
  • getting outside when I can
  • exercising first thing in the morning because when it's done, it's done.
Things I am thinking of trying:
  • easing back into some yoga one day a week
  • outdoor sprints.
Things I know aren't for me:
  • shakes
  • juice meals / days / diets
  • a fit bit
  • team sport.

Sorry for the essay, JLT but hope I answered your question.

Returning to my usual blogging realms....

I hit pan on the 'middle one' of Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Palette ($90 at Mecca Cosmetica online and in store) this week.

It's technical name is Incandescent light and I am sure it will be of great comfort of you to know that you can purchase the full sized version individually from the Ambient Strobe Lighting range for $55.  It's the best on cheekbones (or on that region of your face where you wish your cheekbones showed) as well as under the brow  bone.  Flattering selfie filter in a compact, readers, flattering selfie filter in a compact.

In breaking news, M has advised me that Dim Light aka the one on the left of the Ambient Lighting palette blurs like a dream.  I'm thinking that's going to be the shade I'll be hitting pan on next...

I have worn my Agnes jeans from COH religiously on my days off since they arrived last week.  

Mine and Anna's favourite Uniqlo linen dress debuted for the season earlier this week.  Before it went and got cold all over again.

And Preschooler SSG's been out and about with his wallet full of play money and credit cards.  He was hoping to pay for his gelato with one of his fivers and when I explained why that wouldn't work, he then wanted to pop over to the ATM so that we could use his card.  I wonder who he learned that from?


  1. Ahh! I love the Uniqlo linen range. I want a shirt in every colour! I haven't noticed the dresses..which is probably a good thing for my wallet ;)

  2. That black hole pic is trippy.
    Science is cool.
    All hail science.

  3. Ooh thank you for answering! I'm always interested in what others routines are. I like to get new ideas. I've been meaning to start swimming again but i always seem to put it off.

  4. Love the black hole pic. Despite me being the one with the science background I have 2 astronomy nerds in the house with little other interest in science. Will have to show them your post. We're just back from Singapore and had to buy an extra case for uniqlo / muji purchases ( and the kids expanding beanie boo collection).

  5. I'm on the fleece lined tights already. Sigh. Physics just blows my mind, but in a very good way. I like considering things in totally different ways and stretching the limits of what I think I know. Always good to realise how small we really are. And I've been tempted by the Hourglass palette many times (mostly whilst in US Sephora) but still can't face forking out the cash even in USD. I'm still tempted though. It does look beautiful...


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