Oct 14, 2016

Friday. Door Codes. Elvis.

It's a dream Friday from where I am.

The forecast for this weekend features sun and warmth but no rain or wind

which means the beach, the zoo or both are in my future.  Preschooler SSG and I have been prepping for the zoo with these wrapping paper scraps that have been repurposed for a zoo themed collage which leaves me only with sun hat and sun screen finding to complete our plans for the trip.


There was excitement at work today when I tried to get to the fridge in the tea room.  All the door locks had their codes reset last night.  All things considered (namely my lack of coffee due to the milk being in said locked tea room), I managed the change extremely well.  I've committed the new code to memory, written it on a sticky note and attached the note to my computer with several pieces of sticky tape for good measure as a prompt for the future..  I'm also waiting patiently for someone else to sneakily write the code on the wall next to the door in very small writing for the rest of us...

Do the door codes at your work change at frustratingly inconvenient times?  What did it take to get you to finally learn the new digit combination?  Have you been the person who did it for the team and wrote the code in a hidey spot for everyone else?

The rowers at my gym are strategically located along the wall of flat screen televisions. They share that wall with the step machines and the treadmills.  I credit those televisions for helping me hang on the the bitter end that is the last sprint on any of those machines.  Usually I'm all eyes for Good Morning America (because someone muted the GMA screens to let the music video channel be our gym soundtrack instead) and zone out for the ad breaks but yesterday, this little ad grabbed my attention.  Tickets are selling for a kind of virtual Elvis tour to Sydney where a live orchestra provides an accompaniment to Elvis 'live on screen'.


I kind of really want to go.... in my best Priscilla inspired hair and makeup, no less.

I've been watching JT's Netflix film and it's got me inspired to get out to some live music events and I've also been listening to nostalgic tunes from decades past on iTunes.  The Elvis concert would be my idea of a perfect combination of the past and present.


The whole Elvis thing got me thinking about Priscilla and her book 'Elvis and Me'.  I had this sudden urge to find it for my Kindle and tried to search the Amazon page.  It wasn't meant to be but I was offered the chance to register my interest to the book's publisher via Amazon to see if they would consider releasing the e-book version. It was just one vote but perhaps if we all added our clicks, I might have it on my Kindle for Christmas.

Have you ever put through a request like this on Amazon?

Are you getting tickets for Elvis?

Stay well.


  1. I'd be interested in that book by Priscilla too, as I absolutely love celeb autobiographies and looking into the world of the rich and famous!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. We have an Elvis exhibit at one of the local museums here in Savannah, GA. I haven't gone yet, but plan to before it ends. My daughter loves listening to him sing (I have one of his greatest hits albums downloaded on my iPhone 6s and on my daughters iPod).
    We don't have locks on our break rooms where I work at, but I kind wish they did have on in place.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. A virtual live concert? Interesting!
    I've visited Graceland ... twice. Does that count?
    As for the book, I'd actually like to read it too. I love a good autobiography. I find them really inspiring.
    Now that I think about it, I feel as though I may have already read it. Is that possible? Is it old or new?


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