Oct 10, 2016

Life This Week: Ten Things I Like About Me.

Today's post has been inspired by Denyse's 'Life This Week' blogger challenge.  Today's topic is 'Ten Things I Like About Me'.

An interesting one for a blogger who writes pretty much exclusively about herself at the best of times.  But 'about' is worlds apart from 'like'.  'About' can be superficial, it can be self critical, it is also often self deprecating.  I am up for the challenge though, so let's see where I go with this.  I'm following Denyse's lead and using photos to introduce each point.  

1.  I've evolved as a parent
"Everyone is a perfect parent... until they have children".  One of my favourite pearls of parenting wisdom because it's so true.  I've learned to parent based on who I am and who my son is rather than going by The Books (which my son hasn't had the foresight to read).  I've let go of the perfection fairy who used to complicate everything from what I wear, what my son wears, what we eat, what our house looks like and how our days together are spent.  It's not that I don't appreciate the beautiful Instagram feeds or the perfect family at the next table at the cafe... I've just learned to appreciate those things for what they are while knowing that my reality looks completely different and that's just the way life is.

2.  I take care of myself
Really hope I am what I (mostly) eat.  I've made some changes in my diet recently to focus a little more on whole foods and also to include a wider variety of things for lunches at work.  The logistics have worked themselves out and my taste buds have deeply appreciated the new flavours.

I'm also loving myself sick for staying on the fitness bandwagon.  It's been a bit of creative, lateral thinking journey at times but I do something every day, it keeps me feeling good about myself and that's enough for me.

3.  I've grown to love travel
I never used to like travelling overseas.  I spent most of my twenties very happy where I was, thank you very much.  I had a mortgage to pay off, nice things to be bought with what was left over from my pay each fortnight and a perfectly pleasant little life full of structure and routine.

I'll never ever be what you'd call an adventurous traveller but I look forward to whatever opportunities I get each year to board a plane, get that overseas SIM card and currency and just explore a new place and live there as close to 'normally' as I can.  As a side note, blogging whilst away in these new places counts as one of the things I enjoy most about my trips.  Yes I do often write under the influence of extreme jet lag and excessive amounts of caffeine but it is so much fun tapping away about my new surroundings at some odd hour of the morning.

4.  I love the little things
That fifth and free coffee on a frequent sippers card, the bonus make up item you get with a mascara.  It all puts a bit of pep into my step.

5.  I know when and how to switch off
One of those personal development achievements for me.  I used to be all about getting everything done yesterday.  Not exactly the best life skill to cling onto as life gets more complex and committed as you get older.  Being able to take that break and step away to regroup hasn't actually made me any less efficient than previously.

6.  That I've allowed a few frozen meals into my life

Dr Oetker pizzas and Jamie Oliver fish fingers, anyone?  Not necessarily together but there are days when pulling a carton of food out of the freezer for dinner is a sanity saver.

7.  I'm always on the look out for bargain

Especially when it comes to things like toys and bits and pieces for the house.  Does anyone else get a thrill out of finding something that does the job for less?

8.  I don't take fashion and style advice from the glossies anymore

I should probably be a bit embarrassed that I ever did but that's a story for another day.  Were you ever part of that disposable world of fashion where a particular celebrity look would be featured in an editorial along with ways you could 'get the look for less'?  Or the more spendy take where influential fashion editors and designers would tell you what to invest in for the season?

Somewhere along the way, I stopped reading fashion magazines and started buying clothes with my lifestyle, body shape, budget and quirks in mind.  I will forever buy my shoes for comfort, my handbags for 'investment purposes' and my denim from long time favourite labels.  I am sure there will come a day when Shop Bop will feature a 'Seniors' tab in their denim shop and that it will show case an array of jeans for us older ladies who spent our younger years in Citizens of Humanity, AG and J Brand.  Until then, I'll just keep shoe horning  myself into my existing collection.

9.  I know where my priorities lie

My family give me purpose, love, support and joy every moment of every day.  Knowing that we're always there for each other gives me purpose, direction and clarity.  I'm incredibly lucky and humbled to have them all in my life.

Totally looking forward to another Christmas at our place in ... 75 days.

10.  I'm not a victim.

There's one type of person I cannot stand.  The entitled and professional victim who never takes responsibility for their actions.  It's always someone else's fault, life is always unfair, their focus on the numerous barriers to their success.  They're often the same people who are never happy with their lives despite what they've been given.  It must be excruciating living their lives this way.  It must also be a life devoid of joy and happiness.

Well, that was an interesting one to end off with.

What do you like about yourself?

Thank you, Denyse for hosting this link up.


  1. #fuckyeahssg

    you rule. I mean it. You rule.

  2. Oh how wonderful it was to get to know YOU more and I was impressed by your honesty and your growth as I could see it. This gaining of wisdom and maturity over the years is not such a bad thing is it? Looking through your words (and pictures which were awesome) I can sense a real feeling of becoming YOU in every day and every way. Thanks so much for responding to the prompt, supporting my link up and being there as a loving commenter too! Denyse xx

  3. I know where my priorities are too. Cake and family. Uh...I mean family first THEN cake! It's a close second... Is there a problem with that?

    1. None that I can see.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      SSG xxx

  4. I really identify with you on #3, #8 and #10! I need to do better at #2 though and jump on board the fitness wagon with you ...

  5. Oh great list and I fall down on a lot of these - especially the last one! I play the 'poor me' game way more than I should (usually cos of the whole being single, no partner no kids thing!).

    Love your list!

  6. I love your comment about parenting to your child instead of to the books. That is such a hard lesson to learn but we all have to. I loved reading this post :)

  7. love this post!!!!!!! love #1 #4 and #9 !!!! Well done you xxx

  8. Great list. Number 10 ... good one.
    Looking forward to seeing you today! IRL!! Squeeeeee

  9. Love this! Especially #1 at the moment- no more by the books! Also taking notes on #10.

  10. This is such a great idea for a post and a lovely way to celebrate the wonderful person you are and the growth you've had. I definitely agree with the parenting point, when you stop worrying about the books and opinions of others and just do what works for you, it makes life so much easier.

  11. Hi!, I agree with you. We all think that we're the best parents... until we have children. That exactly happened to me and when my daughter was born, almost 10 years ago now, everything changed. I have to say being a good father is a very difficult task, there is just so much responsibility in rising a girl. I loved your post. Thanks for sharing.

  12. It was wonderful to read about you :)
    I don't have kids yet but I like your take on figuring out parenting. And yes to small wins and bargains!!

  13. Great post!!

    Would love to hear more about your fitness stuff.

  14. I really enjoyed this post, as always you write beautifully. Thanks for sharing.


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