Oct 24, 2016

Life This Week: Two Months 'Til Christmas Eve.

Hello, happy Monday and welcome to everyone who's following along with Denyse's Life This Week blogging series.  Today's theme is all about Christmas and how it's only two months 'til Christmas Eve.

I never used to get too caught up with Christmas preparations until December.  Invitations for parties would often come through in November, I'd put them into my diary and then my phone (the latter when they started to become such indispensable parts of our lives that for many they're like a third hand and second brain).  Early December would then see me workshop outfits for said events, pop a few Christmas treats in my trolley with each grocery shop and try to work up some motivation to write Christmas cards (with embarrassingly little success).  

Things would pick up the weekend before Christmas, though. Along with everyone else within the local council area, I'd be car park raging along with the best of them as I began my annual assault on Westfield for presents and decorations.

Christmas this year is going to and already has shaped up to be much more organized than usual for me.  While I haven't gotten the decorations out yet, I have begun scouting missions to places like Kmart and Target who have really upped their game in recent years.

With Preschooler SSG being that much older and also understanding a lot more about celebration I'm hoping to have a few Christmas decorations dotted around the house in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day.  An actual Christmas tree, perhaps!  I have idle daydreams of Sunday afternoons happily spent crafting festive decorations together...  Perhaps they may stay idle for a little while longer but a girl can dream.

This weekend saw me walk out of Kmart with these two T shirts for Preschooler SSG's Festival of Christmas wardrobe. The festival has the following booked, confirmed and paid for so far:

  • Santa photos at the QVB - a first for us, wish me luck
  • the Wiggles Christmas arena style concert - we had so much fun last year, I'm really looking forward to going again
  • a visit to the Sydney Santa Spectacular which will involve fresh from a machine snow, cookie decorating and a whole host of rides
There just aren't enough weekends in December, are there?  Somewhere in amongst all of this will be work functions, preschool celebrations, Preschooler SSG's birthday and hopefully a carols session in our local area.  I'm not brave enough to go to the Domain yet.

On the to do list, alongside gifts and menu planning:

I need to order this year's Wedgwood Christmas bauble for our collection that dates back to Preschooler SSG's birth year of 2012.


And Advent calendars need to be decided on.  Our calendars were such a success last year my challenge this year will be to choose something a bit different but just as good for this year.  I have my eye on one of The Body Shop's calendars for myself.  They aren't in stock in Australia just yet but I like that there are two versions and both sound like they've got a decent proportion of TBS minis compared to 'filler' items in them.

Or should I go all out this year and get Jo Malone's?

How are you feeling about Christmas two months out?


  1. OMG the Jo Malone advent calendar looks amazing! What a great way to try a whole heap of perfumes! #LifeThisWeek

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. The Lego advent calendars have been very popular in our house in the past. They can be pricey (and do sell out) so keep an eye out for advertised specials. Enjoy the festivities.

  3. I love Christmas, but I am not very organised this year! But I usually aim to have all the Christmas shopping done by November

  4. This is lovely! You have a child at the perfect age for all the magic that can be Christmas. I know of a family who did the QVB photo last year and it required a booking! Yes. This poor mum took her 4 to town via public transport only to find she needed to book! I hope you continue to enjoy the aspects of Christmas prep with a little person that I loved too. Thanks for linking up for Life This Week! Denyse x

  5. I'm not at all organised but it does tend to always work out in the end. Fingers crossed this Christmas is no different!!!

  6. Advent calendars are such a big thing nowadays. My friend does the Elf on the Shelf thing and he brings her son something different each day in the lead up to Christmas.

    I'm not a big fan so very 'meh' about the whole thing but I saw my aunt today who said she's got her stuff out and going to decorate for 3months this year! Egad!

  7. Ah just two months away? Time flies! I'm so not ready for Christmas, ha!

    I'm hoping we can book in to do the special santa family and pet photos at westfield but the mess our pup made last time when he got scared might mean they aren't keen to have us back again, ha! I'm going to keep an eye on their website so I can book as soon as it's available.

    Going to need to do Christmas shopping soon too! I've thought of what to get people but haven't bought much at all.

  8. I refuse to acknowledge Christmas until December 1st and then i will go all out.

    I will re-use and get some more decorations from Kikki.K and this year we're having a smaller tree.

    Now to figure out what presents "Santa" will bring ...

  9. I'm still in the contemplation stage with Christmas but know I need to get sorted soon. My daughters birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas and when I'm shopping for that it makes sense to knock off the Christmas list too. Ive been thinking of an advent for me too this year. I had looked at the beauty advent on asos but will check these ones out too before I decide. I like the idea of the Jo Malone ...


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