Oct 1, 2016

Long Weekend Saturday. Dietary News.

I love the October long weekend.  

It's Grand Final Saturday and the living is easy.  I'm kicking back with Roy and HG calling the match on the radio with a mug of tea at my side and 12 tabs open on Google Chrome.  That would be the Swans flag fluttering on the bridge today and not the Canadian flag, as I thought earlier on today.  I was wondering about that, to be honest.  I didn't take our Premier for being as much of a Royals tragic as I am.....

Preschooler SSG and I were doing the tourist thing at Circular Quay this morning for a performance from the special school holidays season at the Opera House.

I'm ashamed to say that I got in early for my coffee on our journey because I wasn't sure that anything would be open at the Opera House.  I'm not sorry about that 9am Guylian chocolate I got with my mocha though.

Of course the espresso machines would be up and running in the Playhouse foyer at that hour.  When you've got that many parents and significant carers running around with that many prams and children, you'd be brave to not have a full coffee service on offer.

Seriously, though, there's something intrinsically good hearted and warm about The House's school holiday and children's seasons.  Everyone is always so very kind and patient.  Fellow parents are always up for a laugh despite the planning and coercion it took to get everyone out of the house and on the road in time.  It's just lovely to be a  part of.  I was even offered a lend of an adorable infant dressed for the morning in her HC sleeping bag and matching headband.
The set before the show began and other families arrived.  Photographs were not allowed beyond this time.

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show' is a puppet show that brings some of Eric Carle's most popular characters to life in a performance that features four stories based on 75 different animals that appear in Carle's work.  Besides the Australian cast, there is one based in New York with a third based in the UK debuting this month.

Preschooler and I both thoroughly enjoyed the show.  For me, it was the artistry that went into creating the puppets and the way the human cast interacted with them and the deceptively simple looking set.  Preschooler SSG enjoyed the references to his favourite books the most.  There was lots of audience participation, especially in the 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' segment and more than one child was just a little upset that they couldn't stay to watch it all again from the very beginning.

Preschooler SSG on his traditional Opera House Concourse run after the show.

Lunch stretched over several venues to accomodate everyone's dietary preferences.  Banh Mi for me...

and xiao long bao at Lotus at The Galeries for Preschooler SSG.

In honour of it being a long weekend Saturday, I responsibly parented in partnership with this delicious Lotusini as all the dumplings were eaten.

And to think it was only as recently as earlier this week that I had my smug face on after I completed the CSIRO's Total Wellbeing Diet Score test.  My score was 82 and sure I need to eat fewer discretionary foods while focussing on dairy and healthier fats but nothing was mentioned about mycocktails or coffee intake.  Possibly because coffee intake wasn't a specific item in the questionnaire.

On a more serious note, I found the test really helpful in identifying what I should be eating and I hope to go back to the site again soon for recipe ideas and other useful information.  If I join the $149 nine week program, I'm told by the website that I could lose a few kilos by December...

Have you done the test?  How did you go?  

Have you signed up for the Total Wellbeing Diet program?  Do you have to go hungry on it?


In non diet related news, I've taken the plunge and bought myself this pair of jeans.  They're by Citizens of Humanity and they've got a slash in each knee.  They were also 30% off on ShopBop who has free express delivery to Australia via DHL who also allows you to electronically set your delivery preferences to convenient settings like 'leave in a safe place without a signature'.

There is a part of me that says forty something is a bit old to be wearing slashies but there's more insistent voice that says 'go for it, life is too short and you only live once!'.

Do you wear slashed jeans?  Did you second guess yourself about them on account of your age?

Don't forget Daylight Saving starts tomorrow.  Clocks forward!

Summer  is going to be here in no time.  Can't wait.


  1. I did the diet program almost a year ago after I had my baby and it was great. Lost ten kilos, which means I'm in slightly better nick than I was before I got pregnant! I loved the fussy personal admin of filling out the food diary and meeting the food group targets too, it was kind of fun!

  2. I like to think of jeans with slashes in them as practical as they let in the air while still remaining fully clothed. LOL.

    Speaking of Banh mi, I was shattered when my favorite cart closed down. Now i have no idea where to get "the best" and everywhere i have tried i've been disappointed.

    Where do you think the best Banh mi is in Sydney so i can put it on my list for next time i visit?

    1. Hello JLT
      I have a feeling that the best Banh Mi will be somewhere in the west, Cabramatta way! My current favourite closer to the city is Rolls Vietnam on Miller Street in North Sydney,

      SSG xxx

  3. Hope you and preschooler SSG cope with daylight savings time well and don't miss your hour of sleep too much!

    THat does sound like a really fun show for the little ones too! I can't wait until the boys are older so we can do things like this. THey had a great show on last school holidays but it was so expensive for not knowing if toddler T was even capable of sitting still that long, ha!

    1. We're doing okay, this year! Big improvement on last year. Hope things settle for your boys soon.

      Definitely try for next year regarding the caterpillar show. Most families were able to stay right through until the end. From what I saw around me, only one infant had to leave early. Pretty impressive stats! It's not a 'loud' show if that makes sense and there lots of darkness and soothing floating lights.

      SSG xxx


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