Oct 2, 2016

Lovin' Life 2/10/2016: The Tramsheds at Harold Park.

The early bird catches the undercover parking space at the Tramsheds in Harold Park.

What's a public holiday Sunday in Sydney for if you don't make the most of it by exploring your nearest food hub of the moment?

The Tramsheds are surrounded by open space with tracks and bridges that are made to be walked , run or prammed through.  It's also very close the the new apartment blocks too.  What a perfect little spot!

The Tramsheds are part of a massive redevelopment of what used to be the Rozelle tram depot.  Key features of this new family friendly space are a supermarket, services such as a medical centre and the thing that everyone's talking about...

the dozen or so food outlets that dominate the ground floor.  The eateries are laid out much like the stalls you'd find at an indoor market such as the Borough market in London.

The decor stays true to the industrial roots of the building yet also manages to be very user friendly with wide walkways and ramps throughout the building and clear signs directing patrons to key amenities like bathrooms and parking ticket pay machines.

The supermarket is one of the key non eatery tenants at the Tramshed and for a minimum spend here, you do get some free parking.

Flour, Eggs and  Pasta is part of the A Tavola group of restaurants and its focus is handmade pasta.

We had breakfast at Garcon which is by the Little Marionette which long time readers may remember is one of my favourite cafes in Balmain.

The coffee beans at Garcon are roasted on site and the bean roasting machine features in the decor of the two level wine bar and cafe.

Pastries are from Black Star in Newtown.

And the eggs have their own climate controlled bath...

Preschooler SSG loved his large plate of cheese toast from the kids menu.  Not bad for under $5.  We shared the beautifully presented salad that featured a garnish of edible flowers, pomegranate seeds, orange rind and honey.  I've never tasted pomegrante before and I think I might just have found my favourite fruit for the summer.  Must remember to add pomegranate juice to my shopping list, I think.

After breakfast we explored the shed some more.

Beautiful terrariums suspended on the back wall of the florist.

Art on the walls - some graffiti style on exposed brick, some murals and some quirky little paintings on wood.

There was only one way to board the restored tram that is a key feature of the shed and that is through Butcher and the Farmer, a cafe / market / bar and private dining space.

Not only can you play to your heart's content inside the tram, you could also choose to dine inside it.

Preschooler SSG did not want to leave....

So I took a tram selfie as I waited for him.

I went for stripes, Birkis, beads and my best hipster cut track pants for our outing this morning.  I blended right in...

It was a rare chance to see the restaurant spaces in all their glory before the crowd poured in for lunch and drinks.  I've heard that the wait can run into hours for table at many venues which makes the bar option at many very attractive.

For those of you that won't be going for the bar service, this is a shot of the parents room.  It's spacious and well thought out and immaculately clean.

Have you been to the Tramsheds yet?   Which is your favourite eatery?


  1. Gorgeous pics and what a lovely location. It reminds of the the Woolsheds in Brisbane - a similar look and feel about it.

    1. Thank you, Deborah! I must visit the Woolsheds in Brisbane.

      SSG xxx

  2. Black Star! I miss that place and the watermelon cake.

  3. I can't wait to go when we're back in Sydney! It looks fantastic.

  4. What an amazing looking space. Reminds me of Carriage Works. I must go there.
    I love "the early bird catches the undercover car space". LOL


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