Oct 20, 2016

Wynyard Walk and Barangaroo South.

If I'd only done a little reading about Barangaroo before taking Preschooler SSG for a little walk around yesterday then it would be highly likely that I'd have more to report back to you today besides a photo essay of Wynyard Walk, the sparkling office towers and beautiful new eateries of Barangaroo South.  It turns out that there are actually three sections of Barangaroo (the reserve, Central Barangaroo and Barangaroo South) which is an ambitious and trail blazing redevelopment of the western edge of Sydney Harbour.   An estimated six billion dollars (and counting) worth of building, landscaping and environmental scientific innovation if that helps give you context for the significance of what is going on in the area.

The section that greets you as you exit the futuristic Wynyard walk area of the train station is Barangaroo South.  

It's the home of several new glittering sky scrapers which house many of the key players of the financial world.  It's a bit like Canary Wharf in London, now that I think about it.

The other exciting feature of the area is the collection of eateries that line the new streets with atmospheric names like Mercantile Walk and Scotch Row.  

Belle's Hot Chicken - almost hidden from view on the ground floor of the building on the left.  There's a beautiful gelato store right behind it.

It's practically the A list of the current favourites in the food blogger world - Belle's Hot Chicken (pictured above), Luxe Cafe, Bourke Street Bakery, Campos Coffee and Shortstop Donuts to name a few.  Fortunately, while many are closed in the late afternoon, they are open on weekends and I can see Preschooler SSG and I making many trips to the area of weekend afternoon teas this summer.

One of the main reasons we didn't actually get to the award winning, stepped reserve is that there was so much to see and explore right where we were.  Granted the local David Jones (I am not joking, saw the signage with my very own eyes) hasn't opened yet but the water was full of many of Preschooler SSG's favourite watercraft.  He was beside himself watching the cranes, diggers and boats in action all around him.

It wasn't so long ago that the neighbouring King Street Wharf was the place to go on the water but sadly, it all looks a little tired and dated compared to the fit outs of the restaurants that dot the ground floor landscape of Barangaroo.


Preschooler SSG was having a closer look at a cart advertising the afternoon meze service at one restaurant.

While I was having a 'So Sydney...' laugh at the idea of a Vermouth Bar and Bistro.


It's all very much a world for the pretty and polished people during the week.  Members of that tribe were beginning to filter in after work for drinks on the verandah.  Those are actually Le Creueset cutlery holders on the tables in case you were wondering.  I love the ombre grey.

There are also a number of relatively modestly priced takeaway options.  Pattison's has a branch here.

Preschooler SSG and Purple initially wanted one of most things but I managed to talk him down to a single cupcake for after dinner.

Here we are being environmentally aware and refilling our drink bottles using the free filtered water dispenser at Canteen which is a food court type arrangement.

My mission for our next afternoon here is to take Preschooler SSG a bit further up the wharf to Barangaroo Reserve.  I'm hoping that there will be some play equipment for him otherwise I'll just go with the flow and squeeze in a sprint session while I chase him around the wide open spaces.

Have you been to Barangaroo yet?  Lucky enough to work there, even?  Have you any hot tips for making the most of the reserve with children in tow?


  1. I love tales of your meanderings.

  2. We visited the reserve when it was newly opened back at the end of 2015. It was a bit sparse I have to say, but I expect now things have settled in it'll be much more scenic and a great place for a walk/chase. I didn't see any children's play stuff when I went I'm afraid, but it may have been installed since.


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