Nov 23, 2016

A Weekday Staycation.

What else can you do when it's already 29C at ten in the morning?  

I know, I know.  It's such a tough life.  But it's thirsty work going for a swim while everyone else is at work.  And then there's the issue of just having to dry off on a deckchair afterwards too.

Today's definitely had a staycation feel to it.  Even the kitchen smells tropical thanks to my latest 2 for $6  mango bargain purchase from Woolies.

It's been a day for wearing airy print dresses, bare legs and Birkis with the primary purpose of actively seeking airconditioning.

A quarter of a seedless watermelon is chopped and chilling in the fridge for after dinner.

Restful indoor activities designed to be completed in the coolest part of the house have been intiated.  This is another one of those KMart craft sets I stockpiled a few weeks back.

And I've finished a  bit more Christmas gift wrapping as my restful indoor activity.  Wedgwood have some simply gorgeous mugs this year and I've decided that they're going to be the gift I'll be giving this year.  My wrapping paper came from Target.

I wonder how long this love affair with the warm weather will last?


  1. This sounds like such a lovely way to spend a hot day! :) I'm still enjoying the warm weather but may reevaluate in January/February, haha!

    I need to make a start on Christmas presents! I'm terribly behind with wrapping them.

  2. All this warm weather chat is making me sad. I'm in triple thermals over here :(

    And we have some of those Wedgewood pieces in our wedding china! They do a plain white version in the same shape which is what we mostly have, and then some of those pretty ones mixed in. It's such a gorgeous pattern!

  3. Love that gorgeous pattern from Wedgwood! Well done on getting your Christmas shopping done too SSG :D


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