Nov 3, 2016

Lovin' Life 3/11/2016: Colour.

There are so many things to love about life at this time of the year.  My focus today is all the colour that the spring sun seems to bring out in the world around me.

Jacarandas in bloom.  Even a row of random parked cars, a wire fence and a drain manage to look beautiful by association.

The lilac purple blooms of the jacaranda trees gets me every year.  No matter where I am around Sydney, a beautiful jacaranda tree will never be far away, always within my line of sight to bring a smile to my face.

Training cones hiding in my combined basil and spring onion pot at the back door.  It's an interesting juxtaposition.

These are my new high vis orange training cones that I've been using for my new found love of backyard (back street to be more precise) sprint training.  I got my set for $15 at Rebel Sport.  It's a simple set up this sprint training business but I'm surprised at how I've taken to it.  I vary the way I position them - in a row, zig zagged, in a triangular formation and then I go for broke.  The half hour always passes so quickly and interestingly, I'm finding my treadmill sessions less tedious because of these sessions under the trees out in the fresh air

I was out finding bits and pieces for my work morning tea contribution yesterday and I found these new wave crackers.  Sure they sound and look delicious and I'm sure they're a wonderfully sophisticated addition to a cheese board in the year 2016 but....

there's only one kind of cracker good enough to be served with my favourite Margaret River Club Cheddar

and they would be good old Arnott's Jatz.  And not those imposter cracked pepper or 97% fat free (what's the point) Jatz but the original plain ones.  How could you resist them in their special festive packaging?

While you can't mess with the cheddar and Jatz combination, it is perfectly acceptable to go a little gourmet with a sliver or two of Maggie Beer quince paste sandwiched between your cheese and cracker.  I'm seriously thinking that this is all I'll need to have on the table for Christmas lunch this year.

My first Hippo Blue order arrived this week in this beautiful tropical jungle themed envelope.

I've tried practically every iron on label brand available online in Australia and it looks like I've saved the best for last.  Hippo Blue get two thumbs up from me.  The labels iron on firmly with a hot, dry iron without any peel off.  I also like how the characters in some themes can be personalized right down to the hair colour of the featured characters.

My last burst of colour for today's post comes courtesy of the pinks and reds that make up my recipe for Preschooler SSG's favourite strawberry milk shake.  Frozen strawberries, milk and a scoop or two of spendy Sara Lee strawberries and cream in the blender and there you go.  Not pictured though is the teaspoon of wheat germ I sneak in for the fibre.

The resultant milkshake is so thick you need two pink straws to drink it and it gives you such severe brain freeze that you need to let it warm up a bit before sipping.  Which is why you need mum to give you an extra scoop of ice cream on the side to eat while the warming up happens.


  1. Okay, so I got stuck at the rosemary and cashew crackers. Oh. My. God. They sound amazing. Except I'm coeliac so... they probably aren't gluten-free! #bummer

    The jacaranda tree is a mixed thing for me. They're beautiful but when I was at Uni in Brisbane they were a sign it was exam time!!! #teamlovinlife

  2. I am a colour lover and am in heaven with jacaranda season - included some blossoms in my post today. I am torn between wishing the season was longer and being okay with it because it means I really pay atTention to them when they are here. Our area of Brisbane has loads everywhere!!

  3. Wow some amazing products. Loved the Margaret River cheese - we're particularly fond of a Margaret River Camembert - you might like too :) The jacaranda is so beautiful - I think they're my favourite trees :) #teamlovinlife Jo @ Lifestyle Fifty

  4. Ooh I do love a dash of quince paste and cheese on a cracker - I can almost taste it now :) Love the Jacaranda tree too #TeamLovinLife

  5. Oh those Jacaranda trees - I love them so much! Do you know I don't think I have ever tasted quince paste? Have no idea how it would taste! #teamlovinlife

  6. Quince paste and cheese and a proper buttery cracker, yum!
    What a glorious array of Spring hues.

  7. Cheese and crackers is such a perfect Christmas food, you're right :) I like Jatz crackers too, the simple classics are often the best!

  8. Jacaranda time is my favourite time! They're just so pretty. Also I love all the snacky party food type items that appear on the shelves on the run up to Christmas. I could happily exist on party food alone so it's a struggle to resist!

  9. My stomach actually just growled like a dog looking at that quince paste and your strawberry icecream. In fact I thought it was the dog. Nope, just me getting all hungry and salivating over your post. I love quince paste on a cracker with cheese.

  10. PS Thanks for joining the Thursday Lovin' Life Linky!

  11. Oh jacaranda time. I. Love. It. That purple tinge on the horizon, on the paths, against the blue blue sky. Beautiful.


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