Nov 28, 2016

One of Those Mondays. Yesterday's Walk.

Let's just say it's been one of those Mondays.

Via the internet

The kind that's best approached with the kind of laugh I'd otherwise be having over some vintage Biden and Obama memes.

Where do I begin?  Bags that got left behind in the mad dash out the front door and down the driveway this morning.  The walk of shame back home to then retrieve said forgotten bag before facing the traffic that's 500% worse than the traffic you usually get when you're running on time.  Forgetting to put half my lunch into the fridge at work.  Forgetting change of plans at work today because I didn't write things up in my diary when I got the email about it last week.  It really just snowballed melodramatically.

But worst of all?  The fiasco that was me just trying to find a park at work.

Pressing the red ticket button and getting a public parking ticket instead of using my work parking swipe card.

Don't.  Just don't.

Trying to recover from your absent minded reflex action will take years of your life, do bad things to your blood pressure and ruin your makeup.  You can't just take your swipe card and run it on the scanner on foot to fix things because there's some kind of weight scanner that only lets the thing work when a car is at the boom gate.  You can't just drive straight on through with the offending paper ticket because you have to pay for it before putting it in the exit gate - at the pay machine back at the entrance.

It was all too much for me to deal with first thing this morning so I went back at lunch to sort things out.  And this is where I got even sillier.  I paid for the paper ticket before remembering that because I got into the staff area eventually, I didn't even need the ticket to use the staff only boom gate in the lower zone of the car park.  It's been a very expensive day in work parking.

It didn't end there.  Guess who then tried to get out of the shopping centre car park with the work paper ticket?

Have you totally failed at your work car park recently?  Please tell me I'm not the only person who's done this.

I think I'll just have to focus on celebrating the small wins for now. Like how I'm getting the hang of Christmas craft.  Who knew you could make a Santa out of a paper plate?

Or Lego?  I think I just might get myself some Lego this Christmas.  I could even share it with Preschooler SSG.  My feet might live to regret this plan but ... #yolo.

My boss has been looking out for all of us over the Christmas / New Year break.  He sent us all a very complicated Excel spreadsheet outlining each of our individual whereabouts for the duration.

And a spritz of nice perfume always makes the world a better place.

We went for a walk around the 'hood yesterday afternoon.

The sky might have been a bit ordinary but the flowers more than made up for it.

I made the most of these last few weeks of jacaranda blooms.

And fell in love with this deceptively simple front garden.

Thank goodness tomorrow's Tuesday.  They're always a good day of the week.


  1. Enjoy Tuesday....Den xx

  2. Yes the hospital multi-storey I park in changed payment systems (and probably management) a few weeks ago. Sadly I didn't get the email about the change -and didnt pay attention to some signs that had been propped up heralding the change. So I rock up on Monday morning and go to swipe my card and the scanner is taped over. I then spy a new one a metre ahead so inch up to that and when I swipe my card get the red light. I then do what any rational person does - I swipe it about another 50 times (just in case) before putting my car in reverse and wait for the entire line of cars behind me to reverse so that I can reverse out if the boom gate area and slink off to find out why my card won't work. I too much prefer Tuesday's to Monday's, in fact probably any other day, just not Monday's!


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