Nov 29, 2016


I love this time of the year for so many reasons.  And each year that list of reasons grows by at least another couple of demonstrations of Christmas cheer.  It's not even December yet but it's already feeling like the most wonderful time of the year.

I've just put up our Christmas tree.  

Ain't life grand when you can stop and read the instructions before attempting to assemble your Christmas tree?  Do you remember those plasticky monstrosities of the 80s that were basically life sized versions of the play sets you played with as a child?  These days, even your most basic tree features a bit of contrasting greenery in the branches with subtle brown branch detailing as well.

Things are extremely precise in the Christmas tree world these days.

I'm just waiting for Preschooler SSG to come home so that we can decorate the tree together.

There's a bit of a story behind our tree.  It all started off in Target where I bumped into a friend who had also decided that this was The Year for putting up a Christmas Tree.  With both our preschoolers understanding what Christmas is this year and also having demonstrated a sense of respect for boundaries and gentleness towards the Christmas trees already already dotted around Westfield: we were both ready to take the plunge.

There was only one problem.  The 'proper' looking 183cm green trees were all already sold out.  If we were willing to shell out $99 for a 208 cm tall tree we'd be fine but apparently Target Bondi Junction is already all out of mid sized trees.  We were actually both pretty fine with it because the thought of going to another shop to look for a tree that may or may not be there was overwhelming us both.  There was a bit of deliberation between us before we both decided to get our baubles and think on the $99 trees.  Because I was the one at the shops free range (Preschooler SSG was at preschool while my friend had her preschooler with her), I volunteered to check out Woolworths to see if there was a tree there that might suit us both a bit better.

Good call, SSG.  I found this premium 180cm tall tree that was labelled as costing $60 but magic happened at the checkout and it scanned for only $30.  I breathlessly texted my friend a photo of the aisle were the trees were, what the box looked like and the final price.  Then I followed up with instructions on the quickest possible way to get to Woolies from Target.  So now we've both got the same tree and decorations plus it all came in at well under budget leaving us both with a bit of self gifting money, I think.

It takes a village and teamwork to raise children (and save your sanity) especially at Christmas.

This year's tree(s) and decorations are an ensemble effort from Target, KMart and Woolworths.

Trees?  I just couldn't let my beloved dragon plant go untouched by the spirit of Christmas.

Its branches are festooned with my 'Scandi style' ornaments from last year as well as a few additions from Woolworths' current range. Though, I apologise, the correct term appears to be 'Nordic'.

In non festive news from my much needed day off....

Banh Mi is finally on its way back to The Junction.

Aldi's peanut butter is my favourite and the best.

I spent $80 at Officeworks replacing glue sticks, trying some new adhesive options for Preschooler SSG's craft and splashing out on some premium grade scissors because scissors whose handles break at the drop of a hat Frustrate me.

I think I love Drano almost as much as I love WD40.  I just unblocked the drain in my bathroom sink.  No call out fee for a plumber!  No half day lost waiting for said plumber to arrive!  My self gifting fund this Christmas is looking surprisingly healthy all of a sudden.


  1. My tree will go up on the 11th. Nothing special about the date but just the only really free day we have. Must diarise it.

  2. Drano has saved us many a call to a plumber a couple of times I must say. Your tree looks fab SSG! :D I must admit I haven't even thought about the tree yet!


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