Dec 20, 2016

2016 In Review. The Shiny, the Happy, the New and the Exciting.

There was the world's 2016 of terror, senseless violence, political upsets with catastrophic implications and stars (both of The World and Our  Own Worlds) being called too heaven to soon.

And then there was my 2016.

I know for a fact that sad and painful things happened in my world but for some reason, they haven't made as deep a groove into my memory as the happy and  uplifting.  All I have when I close my eyes and remember or when I open my eyes and scroll (not too quickly, it makes me dizzy) through all my photos on my computer is the shiny, the happy, the new and the exciting.  So the shiny, the happy, the new and the exciting of 2016  (for me at least) it will be for this post.

My little partner in crime and I 'travelled the world' in 2016.

Well, not the entire world but we went on our first international return flight and holiday to Singapore.

We took in the sights,

observed the same rituals locally as we do back home.

and had a wonderful time with our extended family.  Fingers crossed we can do it all over again sometime in 2017.

It's been another year of adventure for Preschooler SSG.  

Each year as a parent brings me new challenges and sources of anxious frustration but they also bring me so many interesting shared experiences.  In some ways I look back and feel a pat on my own back is warranted for my more mature parent handling of a particular situations.  Unfortunately, there are the more numerous situations where I can only be thankful for the unconditional and forgiving love of a nearly four year old and the fact that life has a habit of giving us plenty of practice to improve on our weaknesses.

We saw and touched snow together this winter.  Granted it was in a patch of artificial generated snow in the shadow of St Mary's Cathedral but it was snow and it will do until Preschooler SSG tells me he wants to go skiing some day...

We went to our first school disco, the theme was Hawaii and boy did the children embrace this!

We casually bumped into Thomas himself at Central Station

and realised that even Harry Potter needs to use a lift now and then.

Woody was the special guest at our fourth birthday party

which I planned and made happen with an level of hostess passion I never knew I had in me.

One of the most special things I've been able to do for Preschooler SSG this year, though, was helping him maintain his friendship with two special boys he has literally grown up with.  With the help of their parents (aka some of the best parent friends I have in my life), we've criss crossed the city together on play dates which we as parents enjoy even more than our boys.

Movies, special events, plays in the park and birthday celebrations - it's meant so much to nurture these precious friendships with people who are practically family to us.

It's been a fantastic year,dear Preschooler SSG and I know that 2017 will have even more good things in store for us both.

For me, 2016 felt like this photo I took in Ikea some time back.  A year with a well labelled straight path to follow which I was lucky enough to navigate whilst pushing a trolley with straight, non sticky wheels.  Sure there were a few bumps here and there, things on back order that I had to come back for but it has been all relatively smooth sailing.  Years like this are few and far between and I am glad to also have lots of fun along the way.

I went to New Orleans for the first time and it was so different to any other part of the US I've visited. The colour, the streetscapes, the soundscapes....

I've been inspired to return to the south again and hopefully I will be in 2017.

There were a few nights on the town this year spent with my gorgeous girlfriends.

New skin care and beauty brands have found their way into heart and beauty cabinet.

I'll be straight with you.  2016 has been the year I've fallen hard for the particular kind of miracles in a tube that Mecca Cosmetica have cornered the market in.  If you can move on past the alarming number of clams this all costs, I consider these three items the working mum's 10 hour sleep in 5 minutes trifecta.

I've been shopping my closet and actually wearing my 'special' things, life is to short for the 'special' things to just sit around on their hangers all day.

I went on a fun run!  I don't think I'll ever have the discipline to train properly for a marathon or anything like that.  I'm content that I've just managed to keep some level of fitness this year.

Silver trainers on forty something year old legs?  Nailed it.

Ditto short shorts.

And ditto vibrantly printed dresses.

I wonder when and if I should start dressing for my age in 2017?  What even does that mean in this era of celebrities (and the good women of my 'hood) who glide through life looking thirtysomething as they ferry grandchildren this way and that with the calm confidence and resolve of someone who's seen it and done it all before?

You've been good to me, 2016 and for that I thank you.

2017?  I'm ready and waiting.  If you can be as smooth yet gradually enlightening as 2016 was, I'll be absolutely delighted.  If you decide to be more rocky and confronting, then so be it.  Or perhaps that's my job.  To make of the coming year what I want of it.  To accept what may happen and find the smoothness and enlightenment for myself.

I know it's a little early but I hope you found at least glimmers of the good in 2016.  May we all make 2017 the year we want it to be.


  1. What a delightful, humble and hopeful post. You are a gem, and a wonderful mumma to your boy. I am glad you had a good 2016. You have a way of making the best of things and weathering the storms that means 2017 will have its share of beauty, whatever happens xxx

  2. What a smorgasbord of lovely things! I too have had a gentle year for the most part. It has been filled to the brim but we've managed to eek out a nice balance of all things. Very grateful as we've had some years in recent times that were rather more brutal. I'm also feeling a little reflective - today I finished up work for the year and am not returning until the calendar ticks over to February! So I'm looking forward to a summer of just being mum without the juggle. Icy poles, beach swims, alfresco dinners and glorious slow days. Merry Christmas SSG!


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