Dec 11, 2016

All the Post Party Feels.

Last minute mum grade panics aside, Preschooler SSG's fourth birthday party was a success yesterday.  

We were blessed with perfect weather

and how could you not be in a good mood and up for a bit of fun and games when you've got this riot of colour suspended from the trees above and the fence around you?

Etsy in the shape of the lovely Nicole Pegler of Charmed Creations Cake came through with the goods in the shape of this amazing fondant Woody cake topper.

Unfortunately, poor Woody fractured his arm in two places whilst on the way over from Etsy land and I suspect it may have happened when he got lobbed over the front gate by the postie...

But didn't he lose an arm in Toy Story 2 anyway?

Preschooler SSG decorated one side of the cake with the Freckles he didn't eat for breakfast.

And then it was party time.  Our very own Woody came to us from Fly By Fun and I highly recommend them if you're in Sydney.  The behind the scenes staff are so helpful and Woody himself was a pleasure to work with.  He kept the children entertained for a full hour and a half and they all loved him.

There were glitter tattoos, balloon animals and a mix of tricks that had all the children laughing.  Woody stayed to cut the cake and that worked out well as a natural point at which to conclude proceedings.

It was really lovely to meet so many other parents and extended family members at the party too.  One of the beautiful things about these occasions is that everyone just found a few people to have a chat to.  Common cultures, occupations, experiences and the fact that it was nearly Christmas and how good that upcoming break was starting to look was all that it took to get the conversations flowing.  Plus, it's not that often that you get to go out with the children on a Saturday and be able to have a civilised drink and a snack safe in the knowledge that the  little ones are having as much fun just outside the door.

Plus, as hostess, I got to have left over catering baguettes and perfectly cut fresh fruit for dinner as I debated whether or not I needed a bit more chocolate birthday cake.  Woolies do a mean catering platter, by the way.  Abundant fillings in both the baguettes and roll up versions with something that suits most tastes.

I was just out in the garden this morning with all my post party feels.  Our frangipani flowers made beautiful preschooler bouquets and hair decorations yesterday and I almost got the cluckies again seeing all the baby siblings and Preschooler SSG's friends racing each other with our garage of vehicles.

I haven't had the heart to take down all the decorations either.  Everything inside will stay up until Preschooler SSG's actual birthday while I've left a few lanterns and pom poms up outside because it does my heart good each morning seeing their colour against the trees.

I wonder if it's too early to start a vision board for next year's fifth birthday party?

Do you get the post party feels yourself?


  1. Glad you all had a great time. Now for some well deserved feet up time xx

  2. Is he really four years old? I remember reading about his birth what seems like yesterday! I am glad everything went as planned and everyone had a grand time!


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