Dec 2, 2016

Friday Drinks #4: Possums and Lego.

Haven't we hit the trifecta with this fine specimen of a Friday?  It's the first Friday of summer, the first Friday of December (so there's advent calendar window opening to look forward to tonight) and the weather has finally gotten with the program.

What better way to start another Friday Drinks post then with a photo that's true to theme?  This is my new stainless steel drink bottle.  It's either confusingly (or ironically) decorated with a realistic looking pattern that reminds of of the knots you often see in floorboards.  The bottle has a 600ml capacity and I got it for a steel at just under $9 (half the RRP of $16.95) at Woolworths.  From memory, this model also comes in a white iceberg pattern while the double walled bottles have more geometric designs in solid colours.  They are so light weight and look great.  What more motivation do I need to stay hydrated this simmer?

I finally met a pair of the neighourhood's elusive possums this morning.  Ever since we moved in I've been entertained (and sometimes just a little frightened) by their loud movements in our roof and through the trees in the backyard.  Less amusing has been my daily sweeping of their droppings.  But moving right along:  today was the first time I'd ever seen them.
This might be stating the obvious but real life possums are nothing like Possum Magic's Grandma Poss and Hush Hush.  I'm actually rather frightened of them.  Their nimbleness across my back fence belies the their solid, staring presence when they choose to stop midway across the fence to turn and stare at you.

I got myself into such a flap under the steady gaze of that possum that I broke my skipping rope mid skip.

Lego is slowly but surely taking over our house.  Our latest project is this racing car.  The pieces are still a little too small for Preschooler SSG to consistently put together but he loves spotting the piece required at each step and sorting them for me as we read the instructions together.  As an aside, the Schleich Dinosaur Advent calendar is going down a treat with Preschooler SSG.  He's been trying to find ways to include his dinosaur with his Lego and trains.  It's very cute to watch.

via flickr
I have this Lego dream and it is to one day build something from the Architecture series of Lego sets.  I'm impressed to see so many Australian buildings make the cut.  Some less obvious places like The Australian Academy of Science have made the cut.
I'd love to build the Buckingham Palace set from the range.
Did you know there are even lists of the most difficult to make Lego sets?  This 3000 piece model of the Sydney Opera House gets a mention.

But there will always be trains in our lives, I think.  There is the mother lode of Brio at Laugh and Learn in Randwick, they even have a full set on a special table for customers to play with.  It's a wonderful store to visit with a wide range of thoughtfully selected toys, books and educational supplies.  The building also houses an art school upstairs as well as Ukubebe music classes downstairs which Preschooler SSG loves.

Do real life possums scare you?

Are you an adult Lego addict?  What's the most challenging Lego you've ever built?


  1. Funnily enough we don't have possums but I am seeing our grey squirrels scampering along our fence this time of year.

  2. Oh it will be all Lego for us in a couple of years! Right now duplo and mega blocks are keeping the toddler happy :)

    There's one noise possums make that terrifies me - reminds me of a recurring nightmare I used to have when I was little. It's the weird hiss they make before they start fighting..otherwise I think they are really cute and our neighbourhood one used to stop and let us pat it as it walked along the fence. Until we got a dog, as Cooper just barks at them and scares them now!

  3. I had an interesting encounter at my sister's wedding with a possum that lived in the loos. Given I was already in a big bridesmaids dress, this made an already tricky task somewhat nerve wracking! They're a bit like squirrels here. Cute from afar, but up close they're all teeth and claws and no thanks.

  4. Indeed, even the words like charming and intriguing can't do full equity with regards to depicting this and green lego tables


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