Dec 13, 2016

Gift To Self.

Mission accomplished.

There's something for me (from me) under the tree.

I won't lie.  Christmas self gifting and a face to face catch up with All The Big Names were not the only reasons I was in the CBD today.  I was also there in search of Arctic temperature air conditioning as well.  The walkways of Westfield weren't quite as close to zero degrees celsius as I would have liked.

But H&M was.  A surprise hit in so many ways beyond their superior air con.  Did you know, for example, that the Sydney CBD store stocks homewares?  And that it's rather cooling to be able to duck in for a bit to browse the aisles?

Bet you don't know what these individually hangered squares are... They're kitchen sponges!!

This is a more humble specimen on the bench at SSG Manor 2.0 for comparison.  I know which one I'd rather...

I had to rather reluctantly leave H&M (I was too overwhelmed by the crowds in the clothing departments to even try and have a look) because they didn't have the photo frames I was looking for.

So it was onwards and upwards next door to Zara Home.  These Hotel Collection frames are very pretty but in the end I chose some plain silver plated ones.  They're for Preschooler SSG's latest school photos which I am finally getting out of their plastic envelope and into some frames.

Sadly, as pretty as the store looked, Zara Home just wasn't cold enough.

Despite the whole wintery white and soft grey Christmas vibe it had going on.  I do like the dove grey felted slippers with the snowflake motif but in 38C heat?  It didn't even cross my mind in the store to buy them for next winter.

It ended up being a very productive afternoon of shopping despite the heat.  Besides the photo frames and Christmas Presents To Self,  I also found some white tank tops at Uniqlo for $9.90 each.  Lines for the fitting rooms and the cashiers were hectic there as usual but in the air con and the fact that it's 12 and not 1day until Christmas ensured that everyone was pretty goodnatured about it.

There was also a bit of window shopping at Pretty Ballerina.  I hadn't heard of the store before I spotted its gold and pink awning and ballet flat shaped door handles.  They have the most amazing range of ballet flats in both block coloured leathers and prints.  Sadly but perhaps fortunately for my credit card, nothing was left in my size.

Are or have you bought a Gift To Self this Christmas?


  1. Home H&M. Home Zara. I've never seen them. I must get out more.

  2. Yes, Father Christmas has bought me this He even wrapped it nicely for me.

  3. A H scarf? goody!!! happy chrissy gorgeous xxxx

  4. Oooh can't wait to see what you got yourself! :)

    Heading to the shopping centres for the air=con on a hot day is something we do too! Hope you don't find it too uncomfortable over the next week.

  5. We finally have a H&M here in Savannah, GA! Our downtown is slowly starting to look a little upscale. The only thing I miss is Woolworths! That place was always a favorite place to go to when I was a child and then the recession hit in the 1990's and they closed up. Sad day when that happened!


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