Dec 19, 2016

Life This Week 19/12/2016: This Time Next Week.

This time next week...

SSG Manor 2.0 will be filled with loved ones and all my extra garden chairs will be pressed into service as we laze around the courtyard and back garden on holiday time with good books, electronic devices, mugs of tea and our feet up.  There will be no routine to our days, no particular special events but whatever we do will be done in the easy yet precious company of each other.

Every box in our advent calendars will have been opened and enjoyed.  I will be a little sad to see the end of our nightly ritual but also glad that Preschooler and I have been able to enjoy it as much as we have this year.

As a nearly four year old, Christmas has had so much more meaning to Preschooler SSG this as year compared to the last few.  He understands the traditions, knows quite a few carols and also appreciates the concept of leaving everything around the Christmas tree including the presents as they are.

I will be sitting at my desk for a bit (or a lot) as I'll be working from home for the day.  I'll be looking at all my Christmas decorations on the mantlepiece in between calls and emails.  Reminiscing about the Christmas just past and those that preceded it.  Fondly remembering how various decorations came into my possession.  The much loved gift givers, the crazy shopping expeditions...

Several windows will be open on my computer.  Not strictly work related though it could be said that sometimes a bit of retail therapy does aid productivity.  It will be the first day of the post Christmas sales and if I do buy anything, I can promise you, it will be online.  I need a new wok and possibly a saucepan so I reckon my chances of getting a good deal on these is pretty high.

And I'll be looking at our first proper family Christmas tree with a smile to myself.  I'll be taking it down soon and packing the decorations away.  It'll be another year until I see it again.  I wonder what this year will bring.  I'll say a little prayer of hope that the year will be kind to us all, that it will keep as safe and well and finally that next year's Christmas will be as happy as the one just passed.  

How will you be spending Boxing Day?


  1. Sounds perfect.
    We have that gold star!! Same one. Not this year, but previous years that has been atop our tree.
    Merry Christmas!
    PS Retail therapy is always a good thing ... definitely aids productivity.

  2. Probably shopping, though I don't want to! I need new supportive shoes.

  3. Have a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I look forward to re-connecting in 2017. Sometimes I wish we could leave the decorations up all year as they make me happy. But then, they probably wouldn't be as special.

  4. Hopefully next year will be wonderful! We usually head to the beach for Boxing day but not sure what our plans are this year.

  5. I'll be taking it easy, that's for sure! Probably reading a new book, doing a new jigsaw puzzle (usually receive both for Christmas), and gorging on leftovers!

  6. I am so happy for you and your 4 year old because Christmas now, and for the next (insert number!) of years it will be magical! Thank you so much for your bloggy support through this year and being part of my link up. Have a most wonderful time of the year (its Christmas lyrics!) Denyse xx #lifethisweek

  7. We don't get Boxing Day off in the US so I'll be spending the day at work, BUT I'm hoping it'll be a very slow day. Merry Christmas! #lifethisweek

  8. I'm actually not sure how we'll be spending Christmas. My family will be visiting me for the first time (my bro, SIL and niece) and my mum will be around as well. I'm hoping boxing day is a lazy one, but we'll see!


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