Dec 1, 2016

Lovin' Life 1/12/2016: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

And just like that, we've flipped our calendars over to the very last month of the year.

What a great looking month - the only commitment I've got scheduled for before Christmas is a leave day.

Hello December and everything that your 31 glorious days promise.  The official start of summer, the count down to Christmas, those lazy days from Boxing Day to New Years Eve plus all sorts of other good things like birthday parties, the summer season at The Opera House and even more summer fruit.  I don't know how I'm going to fit it all in personally but where there's a will, there's a way.

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Speaking of wills and ways, I've finally figured out how to do outfit selfies without using the bathroom or lift mirrors.  Timer delay on my iPhone, the top of a book case and a nice white wall to stand against.  I think a monster has been unleashed.  Apologies in advance.

Our Advent Calendars have been ready for weeks now and they've now been arranged on the the mantle piece.  

As well as on other even surfaces around the place because the mantle piece is already a bit over crowded in the festive cheer department.

I'm especially excited about opening mine each day.  I'm a born again fan of The Body Shop and am looking forward to rediscovering old favourites and finding some new ones over the next 24 days.  I'm a bit nervous about the reception Preschooler SSG's Dinosaur calendar will receive, though.  While he's talked about dinosaurs a bit, he's never actually asked for a model dinosaur before.  I guess I'll only know after he's opened the first window.

And here it is.  Our first proper Christmas tree.  I'm really happy with the way it looks.  It's just the right size for the study and looks as beautiful as it is budget friendly.

For a first time tree, its branches already hold many memories and moments by way of some special decorations.

This candy cane came from Preschooler SSG's Christmas craft stall.  The children in his class made decorations to sell with the money raised going towards gifts for the Smith Family's Christmas Appeal.  Many of us parents have already donated gifts but the children wanted to buy some gifts themselves.  They took a bus to our local Westfield, went to Target (where else?!?!) and each chose gifts to add to ours.  It was such a beautiful way for them to learn about giving while also having fun as a class through the craft, the excursion and then depositing the gifts under the tree at reception.

This horse was the first decoration Preschooler SSG hung on the tree.  Even with the chair, he was still a bit short to put our star on the top of the tree but I reckon he'll be fine next year.

This star and bell were gifts from our lovely next door neighbour.  We always have interesting chats about the world and her local knowledge about life in our neck of the woods is encyclopedic.

This bobbing Christmas tree is a very new (like Tuesday new) decoration I got from Woolworths. My memory of it will always be that I bought it at the same time as our first family Christmas tree.

Do your tree decorations have special memories attached to them?


  1. Aww so nice seeing your Christmas tree! :) We haven't put ours up yet - waiting for this weekend and hoping we will find time t do it then. Things get so busy (in a good way!) in December. We have a toy at the top of our tree instead of a star (long story!!!) and last year resulted in a very funny video compilation of toddler T tying to put the toy on top. Hopefully this year he'll be a bit better at it!

    Also well done for nailing outfit pics with your phone - I can never get that right!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. We're about to put our house on the market, so no Christmassy stuff is allowed until the photos are taken. Sigh.

  3. I've never worried about a Christmas tree but am hosting Christmas at my place this year so my mother is 'loaning' me her tree. And quite frankly it's a bit naff and very boring. I'd much prefer to buy something new and tasteful but don't feel I can insult her kindness.... Plus I'll probably never use it again.

  4. Oh SSG you have certainly put me in the Festive Mood! I'm off to put up the tree and decorations. Currently as I'm reading your post I have gingerbread men and christmas tree cookies in the oven for my grandchildren. Have a fun time!

  5. There's so much to love about December, but I'm so not ready for it. Great to see you've got your Christmas tree up. That's a job for this weekend in our house :) #TeamLovinLife

  6. You are doing well and your Christmas tree looks great! I have not put up any decorations or the tree yet but will aim to do so over the weekend! Our Xmas tree decorations are a bit daggy I must say - but sentimental - things the kids have made when they were little and stuff like that. I get torn between sentimental Xmas tree or a new look coordinated and pretty tree? Luckily throwing on the twinkling and blinking xmas lights always make the tree look pretty regardless! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  7. It all looks so cheery! We haven't decorated at all yet which is a bit shocking by S is away at the moment (in Brisbane!) so he is having fun in the sun and I feel a bit sad decorating by myself! We have one or two meaningful decorations but purposefully have held off on accumulating too many things we need to worry about. One day!

  8. Love this SSG. And I love that Hermes belted outfit ... look Mum, no hands! Unleash the beast ...
    We are putting up our tree today. I actually want to find some wooden decorations this year. I am trying to make the tree less blingy and colourful and more "natural" and old school. I'm not sure I'll be successful given I've got about 15 minutes in which to shop in. I wonder if KMart would have anything like that?


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