Dec 8, 2016

Lovin' Life 8/12/2016: Nothing To Do With Christmas, For A Change.

Even the most ardent lover of Christmas needs to occasionally take a step back, breathe out and look up and around at those bits of her world that aren't red, green or decked out in tinsel.  So today's Lovin' Life is dedicated to just that - the non Christmas happenings in my life this week.

First up, the latest from the SSG Department of Frocks and Timer Delayed Selfies.  A as close to full length photo of one of my Hibiscus and Sparrow dresses as my white wall and book case photo booth would allow.  They really are very comfortable to wear to work, the fabrics don't crease badly and for such a nice price too!

Gulp.  It's that time of the year as well.  The time where we finally have to face that the new year is just around the corner.

I've just made my annual trip to Officeworks for next year's diary and desk calendar.  Which will be 2017.  How, what, why?  I say this every year but time really does fly.  The days may be long at times but the years are so very short.

For someone who was meant to buying all that Lego for her son, I've been building an awful lot of it for myself this month.

My latest project was this postal service helicopter.

Quite fitting considering how reliant I am on the postal and parcel delivery service these days.

This racing car and speed boat were more popular with Preschooler SSG.

We have a new favourite thing to do on Thursday mornings.  Because it's my day off, our morning routine proceeds at a slower pace and allows for such simple pleasures as standing by the side of a busy road and counting off State Transit buses as they pass while also looking out for school charter buses and other rarities like tourist coaches.  Each State Transit bus is greeted by route number and a happy wave as it pulls in at the bus stop.

But we still love our trains.  On the weekend, we took a train to the Chatswood interchange.  For no particular reason other than it was a 'long' train from home and there was the chance to look out to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge along the way.

There's always so much to see in the ever changing facade of the Chatswood shopping precinct.  I love its ability to embrace a trend and own it.  There's Asian twists on 'Western' ideas and vice versa.

Chatswood also loves a bold redevelopment and it loves to fill these new architectural visions with new eateries.

These are some photos I took whilst walking through The District which is a few high speed elevator rides up from the train station.

Vivid colour, bold shapes and atmospheric lighting surrounded me.  There were so many dining choices as well.  I wouldn't have been able to decide on just one place if we were there for a meal.

Choosing something for afternoon tea was marginally less complex.  You can't visit Chatswood without getting a snack from an Asian bakery.  Only thing is, the bread doesn't taste as good as it does in my memories.  Perhaps the spring onion twist wasn't the best choice.  I should've gone with my favourite fish finger bun or the cube topped with pork floss and seaweed.  Next time.


  1. It is crazy how fast this year has gone. That saying "days are long but years are short" is very fitting, time seems so different with kids!

  2. That wrap dress! I haven't worn mine yet. It will come out at my Christmas Party.
    We're selling a bunch of Lego at our garage sale on Saturday. Truly is the end of the kiddy era ...

  3. Wow Chatswood has certainly changed since I lived near there 40 years ago. Wednesdays are my day to take it slow as I mind my two year old grandson and he really shows me how to just be and enjoy the moment. I know what you mean about Lego, my son buys it for my nephew just so he can play with it. LOL:)

  4. My daughter loves the Hello Kitty Diner at the District.

  5. Love your Hibiscus and Sparrow dress, the colours and it looks really flattering too. Love wrap dresses. #teamlovinlife

  6. Some gorgeous photos there... and isn't Lego the best gift. You really can't go wrong and with the themed sets now it's wonderful!

    Love the dress! #teamlovinlife

  7. Love the look of Chatswood. It's always fun exploring your own backyard. You just never know what you will find! "TeamLovinLife"

  8. Loving that gorgeous wrap dress & your taste in Lego!

  9. Chatswood is an awesome place to live, shop and work - always something going on. Gotta love doing Lego - so therapeutic! #LovinLifeLinky

  10. Like Hawker Lane & wishing you & your gorgeous munchkin a wonderful festival of 4! Den xx


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