Dec 30, 2016

Summer Staycation 2016.

Ahhh, these lazy, golden in between (Christmas and New Years) days of December.  

I'm on day three of a four day break and it's been glorious.  I might not know for sure what day of the week it is but that's a small price to pay for a summer staycation.

I've been for a morning runs with the most painless main road crossings I've ever had to make since moving.

The sun just begins to rise as I reach the park, there's still a gentle breeze to take the edge off the effort my semi sprint trained body has to make to adjust to a longer distance run and then there's the view over Rushcutter's.

The gentle bobbing clank of boats and yachts in the marina (love this boat's name, by the way) and that view to the right of the harbour bridge with whichever super cruise liner or naval ship that's decided to dock for the day silhouetted next to it.

The oval's always open though I'm not sure which sport gets played here over summer.  Cricket perhaps?  The stands and the picket fence give the oval a cricket kind of vibe...

Then it's the last few kilometres back home during which I try to use my summer mind over my post Christmas lunch and leftover snacking body to keep my pace down to a respectable number.  I'm edging closer and closer to the 5.55 min / km that was my prime way back in June.

There's been quite a few leisurely 6am coffees savoured here before I head home to mum and housekeeping duties.

But there's also been little drives and day trips to explore the local area.

Paddington is such a pretty suburb.  The shop fronts, the terraces, the converted historical buildings.  Westfields have their place in the practical day to day of my life but places like Paddington are where my mind travel to for a bit of a day dream and break from it all.

Some serious Lego building has been going on.  I have my system.

It's not fancy but it works for me.

This is the Parisian Restuarant that has taken up most of my spare time this break.  I had a go at Netflix but couldn't lose myself in The Crown like everyone else.  Didn't feel like reading much either so it was Lego for the win.

There are 2469 pieces in it (give or take a grey block or two in the chimney which I lost somewhere along the way)

and it features such unique bricks as this croissant (also in white for the roof detailing)

as well as cute details like this proposal on the ground floor of the restaurant (that really is a roasted fowl of some description in the background).

We took Preschooler SSG donut hunting the other day.  He actually ate most of his Slim Shady from Doughnut Time.  I still don't know where all this food goes in his skinny frame.

Mum really enjoyed It's Always A Gaytime.  Gaytimes are her favourite ice cream and she fell hard for this 'not too sweet' doughnut.

We've done our annual post Christmas Costco run together too.

Mum somehow always manages to find the real bargains and the best conversations with fellow shoppers.  She heard from a reliable source that this heavy duty trade cable reel is going for twice the Costco price at the Bunnings next door.

She steered me past the Roomba and Instgram has informed me that the Aldi version does a pretty good job for a fraction of the price.  I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for it in the special buy catalogues next year.

Besides the cable reel, mum will also be taking this Aldi camping lantern back to Perth as well.

She passed on a Frosty Mug though.  Did you ever have one as a child?  I have vague memories of mine.

Anyway, the original is still the best.  We tried it with low sugar fruit juice and it delivered a very cooling granita type drink for Preschooler SSG.  I think the mug works best with fruit juice rather than milk based drinks and you do need to stir hard for those two minutes to cool the drink down.  After letting it all sit for a few more minutes, more ice does form.

The tree and its decorations are all packed as well.

I hope my DIY tinsel packing method keeps it all tangle free for next year.

We've eaten my special leftover turkey and camembert jaffles for dinner as well as mum's ham fried rice.  All of which means Christmas really is over now.  Still haven't seen the hot cross buns out at the supermarket though....

And that's about it from me.  I'm heading back out of the study to enjoy the rest of this rather time fluid summer staycation of mine.

Do you have a Roomba?

What do you do with your Christmas ham and turkey leftovers?

Until next time!

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  1. I would love to meet Mumma SSG.
    also #legoisthenewcolouringforadults


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