Dec 16, 2016

The Annual Christmas Downpours.

I don't know why it amazes me as much as it does every year but it still does.

The 'novelty' of having dinners of hot soup and buttered toast whilst clad in flannel pyjamas as the rain pelts down on the roof (which thankfully isn't leaking this year) a week and a bit before Christmas.

We've been let off pretty lightly this year in the Sydney summer rain and storm stakes.  I remember the local Westfield's carpark flooding and the roof caving in over part of the shopping centre itself.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.  It was also a pretty hair raising time on the roads.

Speaking of roads.  This is what Preschooler SSG and I got up to in the wet weather yesterday.  We built our own road network with a roll of 'road tape' from Kmart, put up a few street signs and traffic lights and drove some cars around the resulting neighbourhood.  I'm not sure how the horse fit into things but she wasn't at all fazed by the chaotic traffic.  We also built some more Lego.  By the end of the summer break, SSG Manor 2.0 is going to be wall to wall Lego bricks.  I keep finding new sets that I have to build and the space I cleared by giving away old toys and clothes is rapidly being redeveloped as some kind of whole house Lego Land.

I haven't gotten around to baking Christmas cookies with Preschooler SSG yet and I fear we may have run out of time as well.

So we're just going to make do with Christmas Toast.

Preschooler SSG was convinced that it was Special Christmas Toast and polished off breakfast in record time yesterday.

When the weather is like it is right now, it's really hard not to dress to theme.  This dress from Ozsale is proving to be a workhorse in my work wear wardrobe.  The scarf was one of the first things I bought from a Facebook buy and sell group I belong to.  It was a bargain and it is taking a lot of willpower not to check in on that particular group on a regular basis....

So here we are.  Rolling into the last weekend before Christmas.  It's going to be a busy one for us.  We will be joining a fair proportion of Sydney's young families at a Wiggles concert on Saturday and we're spending Sunday afternoon at Santa's little corner of Rosehill Racecourse as he hosts his Sydney Santa Spectacular.  It's going to be a big one.

Take care and stay festive!  I'm off to Preschooler SSG's Christmas party myself.

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