Jan 3, 2017

Arnott's Vox Pop. My Mum Loves. HXB.

Arnott's Biscuits have a newish advert that's doing the rounds on social media right now.

It tells the story of a special Arnott's family whose mum has to fly internationally on a regular basis on account of her job as a flight attendant leaving her daughter home with dad.  The departures are especially hard on the little girl but thanks to a bit of smart watch facilitated technology, she now always has a piece of mum close to her heart no matter where mum has to fly for work.

The ad was meant to showcase the 'Twisted' range of Arnott's biscuits (twisted biscuits, twisted teddy bear geddit?) though the biscuits are so subtly placed in the add that it's a challenge to figure out which biscuits got the twist so to speak.

This is the tear jerker ad in its entirety FYI.

As with most things to go viral on Facebook, the best part of the post was the comments section.  The clip raised passions about working mothers, the way Arnott's label their biscuits, state variations in ginger nut biscuit recipes, the new foreign ownership of the brand and most importantly to me - feedback about the change / decline in quality of our nation's most loved brand of biscuit.  That last point inspired this post and perhaps it might generate some comments and discussion among you, my readers, as well.

I recently bought this packet of Granitas as back of up for a cheesecake I was making.  Turns out I didn't need them so we opened them for afternoon tea the other day.  The Granitas of 2017 are visibly scrawnier than their forebears from 1983 and even 1991 (don't know why those years particularly stood out in my Granita eating memory but there you have it).  The nett weight is meant to be the same as always yet it doesn't look like there are any more individual biscuits in the 2017 packet to make up for the slimdown.  Then we bit into them and both mum and I gasped, sighed and tut tutted.  Sugar and some non butter type fat (a Facebook commentator reckons palm oil is the mystery fat in most Arnott's biscuits now) processed to make a crunchy biscuit thing that lacks the flecks of wheat germ and that wholesome tasting crumb of my childhood favourite.  Well the 'healthy' favourite I was allowed to eat most days versus the 'treat' favourite Tim Tams we were treated to once a month.

It's just not me and my Granitas.  Do you remember when Shapes-gate broke in April 2016?  The flavours got messed with and the biscuits suffered in the crispness and crunch stakes.


I'm going to add my plea to Arnott's along with the voices of my fellow Australians.  Bring back butter and all your old recipes for our biscuits please, Arnott's.  


And let me know when you do.  You can find me further up the biscuit aisle stocking up on some McVities digestives.

I had the pleasure of doing a Mecca Cosmetica run for my mum yesterday.

My mum LOVES Malin + Goetz's Vitamin E Face Moisturizer ($67 for 118 ml).  My brother gave her this sample a few months back and she's been on the hunt for the full size ever since.  I tried to give mum my samples from off the plane but she wouldn't accept them, saying that I needed to give it a go myself.  Which I think I will.  I'll report back soon.

Umm...  Thank you, mum!  It doesn't count as supporting the ridiculous exploitation of an Easter baked good if your mum and aunty buy the hot cross buns on January 2 rather than yourself, right?


  1. I missed the latest Arnotts thing so I'm not going to dive too deeply down that rabbit hole seeing as how I have a shapes-loving hubby who still goes off on rants about the shapes disaster of 2016, ha! I will say it's sad when they change something we have such fond memories of as children - and often it's not for the better.

    1. Shapes-gate was devastating. I had so many happy childhood memories of Barbecue Shapes...

      SSG xxx

  2. Dearest SSG,
    I agree whole heartedly with your post, I had a similar experience with arnotts a few days ago. I have just bought my last box of arnotts cruskits. Many moons ago, they were a favourite, now? Pale and unappetising, at least 4 mm thinner than they used to be, and broken bits in the box and others with irregular edges, so thin they are barely able to support the weight of any decent toppings. I know Mcvities are not a Australian brand, and arnotts has not been Australian owned for some years, but I was inspired by your post today and bought a box of Mcvities dark chocolate coated digestives, bliss! I am all for buying Australian owned and manufactured, but WHERE is the incentive when companies like arnotts are producing sub standard products, with sizes of packs shrinking, and prices rising? Re the shapes, " new and improved flavour" means " nasty seasoning that we were able to source cheaper, thus increase profits"
    Rant over, thanks for listening, and a happy and healthy new year to you and yours
    Prue x

    1. Dear Prue,
      Thanks for your detailed comment. Glad you found McVities and sorry that you've had the same opinion of the new Arnott's.

      SSG xxx

  3. I tend to stay away from Shop Bought biccies because trans fats. Give me butter and sugar any day. Glad to see others are fighting for quality in mass production of biscuits, though!

  4. I was wondering when the hot cross buns were going to appear!


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