Jan 17, 2017

Convention Centre Reflections. The Brickman's Wonders of the World.

Did you know that Sydney has a new convention centre?

I didn't until I went over the weekend and then returned home to google a bit about where I'd just been.

The International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) is on Darling Harbour and built on the site where the old convention centre used to be.  Funny that.  It's taken 3 years to build and boasts all sorts of world class features as well as the unique (and possibly a first for Australia) capability to run three large events simultaneously.

Getting there is actually a lot easier than it may look from Google maps with its vast areas of pale grey areas and lack of public transport stops in close proximity to the centre.  It's just a short walk from the main row of eateries on the harbour.  There's a light rail stop just opposite the road but I don't think it's operational just yet.  Or you could just be a nervous first time visitor and catch a $20 taxi from home....

I don't know how you'd rate / review a convention centre, to be honest.  Most have standard decor that acts as a kind of tasteful backdrop for the promotional material for whatever function may currently be on. There's lots of seating and open space both indoors and out for attendees to take a break between sessions and or smoke if you're that way inclined.  There's also usually lifts everywhere because of the need for speed when you've got two minutes to travel from one end of these massive places to the other for your next session (and somehow find the bathroom on your way).  And finally, excellent signage is key.  Coupled with large flat screens broadcasting details of each session, I depend on stuff like this to make sure I don't accidentally end up at something that wasn't circled in red in my copy of the conference program.  And when a convention centre is attached to a hotel that's attached to a resort...  it's a mistake anyone could make to take the wrong lift and suddenly find yourself pool or mall side...

The  conferences are usually the biggest and brightest events at most places so it's almost impossible to miss them.  Or the reps in the product amphitheatres.  Often bathed in the sparkle of a million flat screens, the amphitheatres truly are the bells and whistles (and interactive robots) of a conference.  You can get stuff, food, coffee, lots of bits of paper and even your cholesterol checked inside.

But I digress and apologies for that little meander into the 'glamorous' trials of my working life.

The reason I was exploring the ICC Sydney with Preschooler SSG was this.

Ryan McNaught's aka The Brickman's latest Lego show, Brickman Wonders of the World.

As the name suggests, Wonders of the World is a showcase of some amazing Lego representations of the architecture of this place we call home.

The attention to detail was breathtaking.

Aside from the building 'wonders', the Brickman and his team also put their skills into recreating some of the art world's most recognised wonders as well.

Faberge eggs.

The crown jewels.

An instantly recognisable face and an afternoon scene.

There were even little quirky touches here and there to add some fun to the exhibition.

Two Lego figures using their selfie stick at the foot of a wonder of the world.

The Titanic was a favourite with Preschooler SSG and Purple.

Knowing that the event would be popular with children, there were hands on building stations cleverly build into the base of some of the creations.  They were well received and all the children I saw were having a great time being allowed the freedom to touch and place in some areas in between being supervised by their parents to only look at the elaborate and professionally built structures.

There was a wall on which you could hang your own mosaic tile made up of 'one dot' lego blocks'.

Each work was accompanied by a background information sheet outlining the number of bricks used, the hours to build as well as a bio of the builders.

The entry price for the show was $35 for adults and we easily spent at least an hour inside looking, playing and imagining.  There was something there for everyone from older toddlers (there is a Duplo station with the larger bricks) to adults.  The show runs until early February in Sydney before going to Brisbane.

In a moment of weakness, I broke my own no more adult Lego until the Easter break ban.

I bought this Lego Architecture Louvre set at the show's retail outlet on my way out.  Will I be able to resist temptation until Good Friday is the question....


  1. Oh hubby was just asking me about this show the other day - we really need to take the toddler to it when it comes to Brisbane. Although he's not into Lego yet he loves his duplo! :)

    1. It's worth a look, Mica! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed our morning there.

      SSG xxx

  2. Breathtaking models. Such imagination too. I wonder if the exhibition will come to the UK. I'll look it up. Probably been knowing my luck.

    1. Fingers crossed the show comes to you! Or you could come and visit us, Anna :-))

      SSG xxx

  3. My kids love their lego so we've been to quite a few lego events over the years - including a workshop hosted by Brickman Ryan. They were smaller events back then and he was absolutely delightful with the kids. We met him again about a year later and he remembered them. He is a really lovely chap.

    1. What a privilege to have been part of Ryan's shows from since way back when, JP!!

      SSG xxx

  4. Ohhhh I saw that Louvre set in the actual Louvre gift shop and I SO wanted to buy it! Perhaps if you put it in a cupboard until Easter it wouldn't technically count as spending now? If you go on a sort of accrual based accounting system...?

    That exhibition looks brilliant, I'd definitely have enjoyed it even with no children (but an excitable husband) in tow. Well worth the $35 I'd say!

    1. Off to hide my lego in a spare cupboard until Easter! Excellent idea, thank you!

      SSG xxx


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