Jan 24, 2017

Sprinklers. New Make Up.

Sure the weather was perfect for sailing

and it was absolutely joyous (and a little emotional) being home for a special birthday celebration.

Thank you, practical self for remembering to pack that back up pair of Havianas to wear where Mr Louboutin's Ron Rons fear to tread (the beach, gravel car parks and lawns).

Thank you, patisseries of Perth for making croissants so irresistible that I ate them for breakfast on a daily basis.  Which I ironically did not that one time I was in Paris.

But do you know what the thing that fascinated me most in Perth was?

The sprinklers.

Hearing them sputter and shudder, watching the ballerina like sprays of water cover lawns, remembering to side step the bubbling brooks of water that flowed from the occasional broken sprinkler head.  Sprinklers were a defining sight, sound and sensation of my childhood in Perth.

The lawns and fields of Perth depend on their reticulation.  State laws limit the times and duration of sprinkler use in a bid to prevent water wastage and as luck would have it, most of the sprinkling around mum and dad's takes place before 7am.  Which ended up being timed perfectly for my morning runs.  As the delicate jets of water twisted this way and that so too did my feet.  Sometimes to take full advantage of the mist and sometimes not.  I know you're not meant to drink bore water but surely a little on the skin can't do any harm?  Plus, I even think it helped my Perth tan along a bit.

I don't have sprinklers in Sydney, I'm not sure if anyone does, actually the rainfall here seems to be pretty efficient at reticulating most suburbs for free.  My lawn grows centimetres each week in the summer and my frangipani tree sheds a few dozen of its tropical blooms each day.  And then there's the twigs, branches and leaves that blow in from the council's trees.  So yes, I spent my first morning back home raking, mowing and sweeping up the back garden.  While waiting for my second load of washing get line ready.  It's all glamour, isn't it, on that first day back home from a holiday?

Literally.  Um... yes.  I found myself here not long after that productive couple of hours gardening and laundering.  To celebrate said hours of productivity and the fact that I'd hit pan on an eye shadow (the tiniest glimmer of pan but pan is pan) and thus would need to replace said eye shadow immediately.

I was in search of these two products that the beauty blogger world seem to be loving at the moment. 

The first is the Codes Subtils eyeshadow quad ($100 AUD) which was part of a limited edition collection.  You can read Karen's review here and these are swatches from elsewhere:


I say was because Codes Subtils has been very popular in my neck of the woods and I ended up buying the last one at my local retailer.


The other thing I bought was this eyeliner, Noir Petrole from the Stylo Yeaux Waterproof range ($43 AUD, limited edition shade of a permanent range item).  Because again, I was down to a stub of my current favourite eyeliner and that needed to be replaced stat as well.

It swatches black according to this photo from Temptalia and you can read her review here.


For ideas on how to use both products together, here's a video tutorial from the Chanel USA website.

It's been ages since I last bought any make up from Chanel.  As the blog can attest, I've been going through a relatively budget conscious phase with hair and make up over the last few years.  Today's frivolous purchases, though 'necessary' take me back to that foot loose and fancy free time of my life where I was working in my first 'real' job with few financial obligations to which my pay needed to be directed.  I don't miss those days and I don't want to relive them but I'm glad I had them.

Have you done or bought anything recently that took you back to the days and spending habits of your youth?

Do sprinklers fascinate you?


  1. All I can still think is the Frangipani in the rubbish. We've got a frangipani which flowered indoors on a stick and now only produces masses of large leaves. It's not a plant that can grow in the UK.

    1. I take it for granted how easily many things grow outdoors year round here in Australia. As much as it is such hard work cleaning up after my tree, I do love those frangipani blooms.

      SSG xxx

  2. I hot footed to my closest Chanel counter after seeing your instagram of Noir Petrole. I still have a few sticks of liquid eyeliner but justified this lemming (MUA!) by seeing its potential as both a smoky eyeshadow & liner in 1.

    1. Glad the eyeliner managed to be justified! Enjoy.

      SSG xxx


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