Jan 10, 2017


It's a grey old, humid day in Sydney today.  I'm 'glowing' from the moisture and grateful that there was still a bit of a breeze in the air when I went for my run this morning.

But most of all, I'm just happy to have some time off today to potter around and attend to things like the pile of ironing that's starting back at me from next to the fireplace.

The weekend.  On the upside, it was less humid which made it both outfit and make up friendly.  The downside for me, though, were some crazy times at work.  So I'm sorry to be glad enough for all of us that the weekend sped past.  Especially as it was the last weekend of freedom for those of you whose work had a long closure period for the festive season.  Hope the week has been kind to you so far as you've eased back into the daily grind of 'real' life.

But back to the weekend and the bits of it that weren't taken up with work.

I did a last minute shopping run for my aunty who was on her way back home to Singapore.  I was at Aldi primarily for the chocolate but also spotted this Dr Oetker bargain for my fellow Dr O fans....

Also squeezed in a trip to Mecca for another tube of Malin + Goetz' Vitamin E cream for my aunty to try back home.

While I was at Aldi, I discovered these Merci branded chocolate fingers.  Available in both milk and dark variety packs, they retail around $4 a tray and give Lindt's Lindor balls a serious run for their money...

Preschooler SSG's taken to life as four year old like a duck to water.  His threenager days are well behind him and while he still loves any opportunity for adventure, he's more aware of rules and boundaries these days.

You know how I've been known to label his shoes with red nail polish initials?  He's taken the technique one step further and has started giving some of his older trains new paint jobs.  To be honest, it's better that the polish doesn't go to waste.  If it waited around for the next time I'd use it, it would have completely dried out in the interim.

And then there was the wonton wrapping to oversee.  Rows had to be counted, questions had to be asked, instructions given and the occasional sing along had to be started.  Four is such a joyous age....  Long may it last.

Because it's been that long since I last wrote about Chemist Warehouse...  a little public service announcement.  Maybelline and quite a few other beauty brands are half off right now.  I found my favourite liquid eyeliner and mascara together in this pack for only $11!

Have you just returned to work this week?  How are you bearing up?


  1. Oh the Merci chocolate fingers look yummy. And I love how your using the Rimmel 60 Second nail polish. That's a really nice shade (on the nails and on his toys, haha)!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. It's great when you get bargains. I like the Ristorante pizza.

  3. I am drooling. I will be more later as I am having braces fitted. I will not be eating chocolate or pizza for a while. Miss 22 tells me all i will want tonight is soup or mashed potato. Oh well.

  4. We have a Mecca by us and even though it has open a couple of years, I haven't stepped into the place to scope it out. I am scared that I might spend way to much.
    On the work front, it appears that things are coming back into place. I work in the Radiology film library at one of the three hospitals (the one I work at is a level one trauma center). We have been digital for almost 14 years and thankfully we don't handle film to much anymore.


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