Feb 7, 2017

Because of Their Air Con.

Well, didn't we just swelter through the weekend just gone?

Anything that required any physical effort out of doors (even before sun up) felt like it was being done in a sauna.  Running felt like it was being done whilst wearing some kind of warmed body wrap. Which, incidentally, are not my thing at the best of times.  I tried a body wrap at a spa once and kept worrying that I'd fall off the treatment couch or else drown in the thick towels I was buried under.  Tending to the carpet of wilted frangipani in the back yard and the wisteria that grows on zero TLC felt a bit Bikram as I stretched and sweated my way around the garden on the chase for dead flowers, feral branches and tenacious tendrils.

It was obviously a weekend spent experiencing the finest air conditioning our city had to offer.  This is what we got up to because of the air conditioning various places (mostly shopping centres, there's a surprise) had on offer.

Yoga strap - $25.  Go on, you know you want one...

This is my new yoga strap.  I wasn't even being dramatic and first world when I said that my nearest yoga prop store is in fact a Lulu Lemon.  How could I return to regular home practice without this Lulu strap bearing the words inhale and exhale on its binding?  I imagine that there would be more than one yoga teacher who wonders what their world is coming to whenever they walk past a Lulu Lemon or Lorna Jane store on their way to get their groceries.  On the one hand it must be wonderful to see how the practice of yoga has been embraced by a wider population but at the same time it does seem to take an awful lot of fussing to get yourself ready for class or practice these days.  So much season related matching and colour co-ordinating.

Yoga at home has been progressing marvellously.  It's been interesting noting the different needs I bring to yoga in my forties as opposed to how I approached it a decade ago.  The therapeutic benefits of the asanas on my joints as well as the mental clarity achieved in shavasna motivate and inspire me more these days than trying to attain that yogi physique or being able to hold an Instagram worthy backbend.  It is a sad state of affairs but sometimes, the biggest achievement I get from practice these days is being able to think myself beyond the aches and pains to ease into a pose.  That post practice sense of calm and balance never gets old though.

I haven't discussed an Aldi Saturday on the blog for quite some time so in case you were missing them, here's the recap of how mine went.  I bought the special buy electric food spiralizer ($34.95) because while my manual one is working fine, it was slow work for the amount of zoodles or carrot noodles (carrotoodles?!? I need for an average SSG sized meal.  I'll post a review when I use mine later this week. Those dishwasher deodorizer clip ons were a crazy price that worked out to be two for the price of the brand name version I get from Woolworths.

And of course, the famous Aldi laminating pouches.  I like how the pack I purchased featured two different smaller sized pouches for things like photographs and flash cards.  And yes... big sigh ... the instruction booklets from make up palettes.

The things you find blu tacked to the doors of my bathroom cabinet...

 Now I have no excuse to step out in anything less than on fleek eye make up.

Did you know KMart have a huge range of wooden toys in store right now?

Aside from these vehicles and pull alongs, there are lots of wooden kitchen, games, tool and train sets as well.  All at very nice prices too.  We bought this marble run set for $15 as well as an animal domino set for $8.

Preschooler SSG and I have been idling away the hours trying to build the best marble run ever.  It's Murphy's law, of course, that every one we've built we've managed to knock over before I've even had a chance to take a photo of it.  To prove that it happened, you see.

We're in luck.  It's taken me so long to finish this post that a photo happened last night.

The Asian grocer isn't too far from Kmart so we stopped there to pick up a supply of freezer dumplings.  Then we had a look around at the latest fashions in pre packaged drinks.  I love the look of these lychee drinks, they look as if anime or a Snap Chat filter happened to a soft drink.

Can you believe that I've lost my taste for achingly sweet, artificially flavoured beverages?  Except for Coke Zero, of course.  Not even this young man could persuade me otherwise.  If you've tried either of these drinks, could you tell me what they're like?

I wonder what this is?  Love those lips.

Beyond the glacial air conditioning of the shops...

Preschooler SSG started swimming lessons for the year and he was so excited he walked out of the house dressed like this.

And I'm waiting semi patiently for the weather to cool down enough for me to wear my New York City skyline skirt to work.

Where have you been and what have you found on the search for air conditioned comfort where you live?


  1. Hi SSG,
    Loved this post, keep the Aldi reviews coming! Must get some of those dishwasher deodorisers.
    Have you seen the haribro Valentine heart gummies in Aldi? Fab large tub for $5, and yum
    Have a terrific week,

  2. You maybe avoiding the heat in Sydney, but winter is still upon us in the States. The North westerners have snow- my sister lives outside of Seattle, Washington and posted a picture of snow at her home and at work (she's a Nurse Practitioner). It doesn't get that cold here in Savannah, GA. Today I left my house at 52 degrees(F) and our high is 78 degrees(F).

  3. I bought that Aldi laminator. I love it! My fridge looks so orderly now with all my school notices neatly arranged and protected!


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