Feb 17, 2017

Friday Drinks #8: Nearly Autumn. Cheese and Crackers.

It started with the hot cross buns and Easter eggs assuming more prominent positions in the supermarket.  Then the high street retailers started dressing their windows in more clothes.  Then the sun started to rise later.  And then.....  

the mango section of the fruit department started to shrink.  The Kensington Prides got smaller and greener before disappearing entirely.  The heady days of two mangoes for $5 went soon after.

On Thursday, there were only three Honey Gold mangoes sitting sadly in a mass of empty green plastic pockets and cardboard crates.  Preschooler SSG tippy toed himself into one crate and gently selected one for after dinner.  And then there were two.

Readers, mango season is nearly over.  We're also halfway through February.  Autumn is on its way.  There's no denying it. I've even swept my first council bin full of leaves today.

So it was an almost sombre eating around the mango seed for me last night.  Where did my summer go?

But I won't lie.  I love autumn too with its crisp mornings and tendency to warm up just a little as the sun comes up.

You can wear cardigans and silk scarves with abandon and not have to worry about having to wear a heavy coat over the top to get you from the carpark to your office.

Just as well I had a nostalgic trawl through my autumn photos.  I'd completely forgotten that I own this magnificent piece of chevron fauxtasticness.  It's definitely going to be on high rotation again this autumn and winter.

Looking forward to getting about in my Nike Sky Highs too.  Being a year old, they're nicely stretched now so hopefully I won't trip over myself as I try to put them on this year.

I'm going to be working through this weekend which means a weekend of desk lunches.  I'm thinking cheese and tomato on crackers.  Toast or sandwiches don't seem to work for me at work.  I never get the setting right on the work toaster and I get too twitchy waiting for the work jaffle press to heat up and jaffle.  If I bring fresh bread in, I forget the butter which then means playing lucky dip in the work fridges to see if anyone managed to stash a few spare pats of butter from the meal trays.

Actually, hospitals don't do pats of butter anymore.  It's all stick packs of margarine.  I know what you're thinking... why!?!!?!  Google images agrees with you because I can't find a single image of what the sticks look like to show you.  Probably just as well.

Where was I?  Lunches.

So the short version is that I'll be bringing in chopped tomato, this snazzy tub of spreadable vintage club cheddar and some SAO crackers for my weekend work lunches.

via pinterest

Did you know that once upon a time Vanilla Slice could be made with SAOs?  I always thought you needed puff pastry or lattice biscuits.

What's the easiest lunch you like to bring in to work?

Does the kitchen at your work use margarine stick packs (shudder)?


  1. I am buying that cheese tomorrow. Love Mersey Valley but the block is so crumbly and too messy for the work desk

    1. Has a nice flavour but not as creamy and rich as the block. Perfect for lunch at work.

      SSG xxx

  2. Oh that sounds like a good lunch idea! :) My lunches for work are mostly leftovers from dinner, I'll cook a little extra to have the next day. Not very exciting but it does the job. As long as you get to the microwave before the 12 noon rush!

    With all the heatwaves I'm quite happy for autumn weather to arrive whenever it likes - hopefully we do get an autumn, unlike last year where it stayed up in the 30s for most of autumn....

    1. 30s through autumn.. I feel faint. Hope the weather is kinder to you all this year.

      SSG xxx

  3. Mornings are darker. That's how you know.


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