Feb 24, 2017

Friday Drinks #9: What A Week. The Body Shop At Home. Bargains.

It's been quite a week indeed.  There were daily dramas at work, just as many surreal 'you had to be there' kind of moments and even more crazy 'patient facing' (as opposed to workmate gossip type) conversations on everything from Angelina Jolie's spider eating (The Daily Mail tells me this is fact) to seances instead of drugs.  On the one hand, I'm glad the week is over but on the other, my mind is still going at a million miles per minute thinking about all that's happened and is yet to be done that it's going to be hard to unwind quickly into the weekend.  It's shaping up to be a wet weekend here in Sydney so maybe that will force me to kick back and enjoy the great indoors at a leisurely pace.

I should have known that the week was going to be special when we might have eaten ice cream for dinner on Monday...

Aside from all the crazy, highlights of the week just gone have included the following, in no particular order.

Being able to master a passable blow dry with only a metal barrel brush, sectioning clips and my Parlux.  I think most of the credit, though, goes to my hairdresser for cutting  my hair in such a blow dry friendly style.  It's taken me four weeks to realise the magnitude of his genius because it's been too hot until now to  do anything with my hair except wash it and tie it up immediately or use it as a kind of cooling wet curtain depending.

Was it coincidence that my favourite heat spray, Toni & Guy's Heat Protection Mist was down to around $12.50 a bottle from it's usual $17?  Now that yoga, acupuncture and physiotherapy have completely rehabilitated my dodgy right shoulder, I'm sure I'll be blow drying like a pro very soon.  So I might as well stock up on the spray now and completely get ahead of myself.  Between the blow drying and my new skills with bobby pins and hair donuts, I think I'm finally learning to add a bit of polish to my usual nondescript buns and pony tails.

It was actually quite an expensive day at Woolworths because Lurpak was half price...  I was in store before the crush of after work shoppers so was lucky to get my kilo of the good stuff without too much hassle.

My friend Jennifer has just started her own The Body Shop at Home  business.  I've been finding it harder and harder to get in store these days so when Jennifer announced her business on Instagram (jen1986), I rushed to place a much overdue order.  Jen's Facebook page, TBSAH with Jennifer is constantly updated with specials and the low down on new products as well as answers to questions page followers may have.

TBS 250ml shower gels, $10.95 each.

Half my order was shower gels.  I am obsessed with British Rose at the moment.  It's got this slightly mysterious, smoky scent.  Not your Yardley take on the scent of roses but something very modern and of the moment.  Each product in the range contains rose petals and many of the products are Beautyheaven Glosscar runners up with the scrub being a winner in last year's awards.

I also love that enigmatic and dramatic deep pink rose that is the range's signature image.

TBS British Rose Exfoliating Gel Shower Scrub $24.95 for 250ml.

Jennifer was so friendly and accomodating with my order, taking the time to make suggestions when a product I had initially ordered was out of stock.  Plus 10% of the value of all sales through Jennifer go to the Heart Kids Foundation which funds many key aspects of research into childhood heart disease and its treatment.  So if you need to get yourself some Body Shop stuff soon, order up with Jennifer and know that you'll also be helping such a worthy cause.

Remember my favourite shampoo and conditioner from Chemist Warehouse?  The My.Organics Argan range?

Well, they also now do a Goji Miracle Mask.  It's under $15 at the moment so I bought it with the intention of using it after my spendy Redken one runs out.  Given that I'm now onto my sixth round of my other My.Organics products, I have high hopes indeed.

How's your week been?  What's the strangest thing you've had a work related conversation about with a client or patient?

Here's to a restful and restorative weekend for us all!!

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  1. I LOVE sticking chocolate in ice-cream. Kit Kat's are the best with Cadbury mini Boosts coming in a close second.


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