Feb 21, 2017

Slow News Tuesday.

A bit of a slow news day from SSG Manor 2.0 today, readers.

I'm at the tail end of cold that I'm hoping will have a 48 hour turnaround time.  I really need to be 100% by tomorrow morning because it's going to be a busy day.  I've been juicing oranges like there's no tomorrow and I rattle a bit from my multivitamins and antihistamines.  It's all very attractive....

Much of today's willing myself to health has involved lounging around in front of my computer.  My online activity today has actually been rather  productive.  Did you know that bobby pins are meant to be used with the crimped side against your scalp?  It's meant to help the pin stay in place better.  I'm going to try this out tomorrow.

My Facebook feed is usually full of mildly insulting/confronting ads offering everything from tooth whitening to weight loss programmes but every once in a while, an ad catches my eye.  They usually feature the word 'free' somewhere.  And so it was that I stumbled upon the Montessori Shop's page.  They were giving away counting sets for the price of postage which ended up being $15AUD plus another bonus 'free' toy of your choosing.  I was a bit sceptical but clicked away to place an order.  One weeks later, the set arrived and Preschooler SSG has been using it to make up his own rules about addition.

I was at Aldi this morning with a shopping list.  Which I completed right down to the random item of the day - a short plastic ruler for the princely sum of 63 cents.

Then I made the mistake of walking down the other side of the special buys area on my way to the checkout....

Have you tried any of Aldi's work wear?  The most recent range included suits, blouses and twinsets.  The suiting had sold out in black but I did manage to find the twinsets ($19.95 AUD each) in grey and black.  They're just what I'm looking for to add to my work wardrobe.  The jackets were cut pretty nicely too but alas, nothing left in my size.


  1. May your news continue to be comfortably slow. xx

  2. You need that zinc infused meal. It worked on me. We have Aldi here. I need to find my nearest one. People quite rate Lidl here too.


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