Feb 14, 2017

Summer Rain. Acupuncture. Other Things.

Was it only Saturday that I was writing to you about the heat and my struggles relating to it?   The weather like everything else in Sydney (except the traffic) moves fast.  Here we are on Tuesday and I'm bringing you tales from a soggy but blissfully cooler Sydney.  

I don't know how the young ones trot around in Havianas when it rains like this.  It's just all so squelchy.  Fortunately, those J Brands scrunch up above my ankles.  Looks meh but at least I didn't end up with wet jeans leg hems for the walk home.  Another thing I detest about the summer rain.

Might bust out those silver Nike trainers for pre school pick up later today.  Then again, maybe not.  Google photos tells me I last wore them last winter so if I wear them now it might mean that I have to actually face the fact that summer is coming to an end.... But is this actually a bad thing if I'll be in the northern hemisphere for the start of their summer this May and hence will have some 'bonus' summer?  So many questions.

One thing is for certain, though.  That load of washing I did last night and proudly hung out this morning will have to go into the dryer.  It doesn't need washing again, does it?  Rain water is so cleansing and full of trace minerals and other things.

I was brave today.  I finally went to they physio for some help with the aches and pains in my shoulders.  I have a diagnosis, I have an exercise programme (and the app for them on my phone!!) and I got some acupuncture.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect with acupuncture but it didn't hurt and it was actually pretty restful lying face down with needles stuck at intervals up my neck.  I'm feeling better already.  Now all I have to do is stick to my programme and remember 'less weights, more yoga' for the next few weeks.  Namaste!

We're only a matter of weeks from the debut of 'The Real Housewives of Sydney' and I'll be straight with you.  I've actually lifted my face away from my iPhone as I've walked around the 'hood and at the Westfield at The Junction just in case any of The Housewives were filming in the vicinity.  

On the one hand a girl can always hope for a bit of glitz to brighten up the daily routine but then again what would the chances be that any of the cast would be:
a) running around Woolies doing their own shopping after swimming lessons 
b) making the dash across the road from Westfield to Eastgate to get to Aldi because parking at Eastgate takes years off your life each time you attempt it and paying the $$ to Westfield is better for your health
c) stopping by Chemist Warehouse for mascara or hair treatments?

Slim to none, I'd say.

But I did manage to see a shoot for my favourite local cafe in progress this afternoon as I left the physio with better posture and a more mobile thoracic spine.

Other news from SSG Manor 2.0 HQ.

I finally found the missing boom gate for Preschooler SSG's Brio draw bridge.  It was behind the couch and had been missing since early January.  I sometimes think I'm more attached to Preschooler SSG's toys than he is.  Actually, it's not 'think', it's 'know'.

Laughing Cow cheese and regular, full fat, full salt plain Jatz are the perfect dinner for sweltering summer evenings.  Do not get fancy with slices of sea salted tomato but feel free to eat several Jatz neat.

I've switched from felt tips and back to good old fashioned coloured pencils for my evening colouring in sessions which take place while Preschooler SSG writes / takes apart his Lego / feeds his dinosaurs / reconfigures his railway network.  I found these Staedtler triangular 2B pencils at Officeworks and they're under $2 each if you're needing them too.  Newsagencies don't seem to sell them nowadays.

Laundry that's got wet from the rain.  Back in the washing machine or straight to the dryer?

Acupuncture?  Has it helped you?

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  1. Summer rain and washing. Yep. Annoying. I can't think what I wear in summer rain on my feet. I'll have to let you know when it's summer here.


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